Confession of Murder (내가 살인범이다)

“I am a murderer.”


Lee Do Suk publishes an autobiography called “I am a killer”. In it he confesses to the murders he committed 15 years ago. The statute of limitations has expired but the Detective Choi believes that Do Suk is not the real killer. While the victims’ families pledge revenge can Detective Choi prove Do Suk is not the real killer? Or is he..?


Who doesn’t like a good thriller?


Statue of limitations, grieving families, revenge; we’ve all seen them before. Still this movie managed to be interesting. It combines different ingredients nicely. What made this movie shine -and me squeal- was the twist in the end. I love twists!!


I won’t ruin the ending but it made the movie worth while. This movie also had one of the best chase scenes in the beginning that I have seen in a long while.

If we look at it more deeply beside it providing a thrill it raises questions about humanity in a new way; as our media is filled with killers and murderers are they idolized even though they are monstrous?


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