Killers (Kirazu)

This movie contains violence, death and gore that are not suitable for everyone. Viewer discretion is advised.

Now that you have been warned let’s move on to the review.


Nomura (Kazuki Kitamura) is a psychopathic serial killer on the hunt for someone like him. He finds women, kills them and films their death. His free time is spent editing and sometimes eating his victims’ remains.

Bayu (Oka Antara) is a journalist whose career is in the gutter. He likes watching Nomura’s videos online. One day he accidentally kills someone. However, he can’t resist the urge to film it and even posts it online.

Under the name K he approaches Bayu online.

The plot is original. There isn’t anything extra added neither does the movie try to portray neither Nomura or Bayu in a positive way; they’re ruthless killers and that is what they are portrayed as.

I give a special thumbs up for Kazuki Kitamura as Nomura. He is absolutely heart stopping in his role. His facial features and especially his eyes manage to look both cold and murderous but turn to normal and warm easily. He was crazy and it showed.

Killers is custom-made to those who like gore and psychopath movies. Still it manages to have a plot and all the actors do amazing jobs.

This movie is one of those that you either like or you can’t stand it. To me the best thing was the filming, actors and their brilliant portrayal. The movie is a collaboration between Japan and Indonesia but it blends many languages and nationalities together without a hitch.

As to the characters where Nomura is a full-blown psychopath Bayu seems like a man who wants revenge and gets on the wrong path.

Bayu; “Why do this?”
Nomura; “Why? Because we can.”

Nomura didn’t care about anything and even though he searched for someone who was like him, he failed continuously. In the end as he faced disappointment and had to kill the ones he wanted to understand him the most. Never giving up he continued his search.

Although the ending of the movie was not perfect it had a surprising jab aimed at Nomura. Little spoiler here in white; I liked the ending where Nomura’s death ended up being recorded by a small boy. He got to call “cut” for his own life and to the “film” that showed his own death. Very similar to his own movies (if one can call them movies) I think that Nomura liked the idea of his death being recorded similarly to the way his own “art” was. 



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