Currently Watching; Dear My Friends (디어 마이 프렌즈)

Meet the F70 gang.

What’s left of your life after your kids are grown up, your husband dies and you’re left alone? Dear My Friends is a hilarious drama that tells the stories of +70-year-old friends.

Jo Hee Ja (Kim Hye Ja)

Hee Ja’s husband dies. Her children fight over the fact who should take care of her. In the end she decides to live alone. That, however, is not as easy as it sounds. She goes a little stir-crazy and starts to believe that her neighbour (Daniel Henney more on him later on) is watching her…

Moon Jung Ah (Na Moon Hee)

Jung Ah is the mother of three daughters. She visits them all 3 to 4 times a week and works part-time for them. With that money she pays for her mothers nursing home expenses and saves the rest. However much she saves her money her husband nags her about saving more. She makes it through the days by thinking of the trip her husband promised to take her on…

I feel bad for Jung Ah for having him as a husband. He’s the image of an old grumpy man; he nags, complains, orders her around, and I’m pretty sure he’s never going to take her on that trip.

Jang Nan Hee (Go Doo Shim) & Park Wan (Go Hyun Jung)

This mother and daughter duo always argue. They can’t seem to talk to each other nicely but still love each other, even though they go crazy together.

Oh Ssang Boon (Kim Young Ok)

Kim Young Ok, the legend, is the sassy mother/grandmother Ssang Boon. Ssang Boon still drives around in a tractor, loves playing games on her phone and can’t hear anything. She is such a sweet and funny character.

I’m seeing a future friendship / a possible love line here between Lee Sung Jae (Joo Hyun)…


Even though the drama is loaded with these amazing veteran stars, it also has AMAZING cameos.

Lee Kwang Soo, the giraffe, the icon of betrayal, the prince of Asia, makes a heart-warming cameo as Hee Ja’s son. He’s such a cutie.

Oh, why are you torturing my heart like this Daniel Henney?

Daniel makes a cameo as Hee Ja’s neighbour who exercises on his rooftop and blows kisses. Prepare to swoon.

If Daniel pulled at my heartstrings then Jo In Sung killed me with his voice and smile. I just melt at the sight of him. He makes a cameo as Wan’s lover.

We also have a cameo from the talented Sung Dong Il and more in the drama.

This drama is a beautiful mixture of friendship, serious troubles and love and support one gets from friends and family. It will make you laugh and warm your heart with the love it’s filled with.


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