Currently Watching; The Interpreter

Wow, I don’t know exactly what to say about this drama. On some aspects I like it, on some I don’t and -unfortunately- there are parts that I just hate. We’ll see how this turns out…

The Interpreter is a drama about Qiao Fei, a woman who wants to become a famous interpreter. She meets Jia Yang and the two start off badly.

The plot sounds simple and it is, it’s just that there are many love lines and many of them are unnecessary to the drama. Let’s look at the characters;

Huang Xuan is Jia Yang, a french interpreter and a “devil incarnate”. Where I love the usual jerk male lead, Jia Yang is plain mean and irrational. He has rules and expects perfection from everyone. However his rules are contradicting and he is too demanding. He yells and just sigh… I don’t know why he and I are not hitting it off.

Yang Mi plays Qiao Fei. She is a woman with the prefect score and first place in everything she does. She challenges Jia Yang to go after her dream.

Now the other love lines;

Jia Yang loves Xiao Hua (Zhou Qi Qi), who treats him as her littler brother and loves …

Jia Ming (Gao Vengo) who is Jia Yang’s brother (not biological). To add more to this mess Jia Ming doesn’t like Xiao Hua, is the ex of our female lead Qiao Fei and is actually dating her best friend. Nice… (I hope you heard the sarcasm)

So what to say about this drama in the end? With a whopping 42 episodes (about 45 mins in length) I hope that we will get to see the main couple really develop and became a real couple. I don’t care for the second leads or their love lines at all; I find them frustrating and they just take attention away from what actually works in this drama.

To be honest I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this drama. I might check it out just to see what becomes of our main leads but I won’t waste my time watching anything involving the second leads…

*update after 12 episodes; I am starting to see this drama’s charm. The main leads have chemistry together, I love their friendship before jumping into any kind of relationship and well, they’re just so cute. I find myself waiting for more episodes and checking for them multiple times a day. However, the second leads are still just obnoxious to me.


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