Currently Watching; Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드)

I think I’m in love. Lee Yeong Oh is a neurosurgeon who cannot sympathize with people due to brain damage. Because of his behavior everyone views him as odd. When a patient dies no one hesitates to point at him. Among the people who suspect him is also a police officer named Gye Jin Sung. … More Currently Watching; Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드)

Currently Watching; Mirror of the Witch (마녀보감)

Darkness, plots, magic, loyalty, and love. Years ago, the queen of Joseon was not able to bear children. Desperate she seeks the help of a shamannes Hong Joo. With the help of black magic she gave birth the twins, a crown prince and a princess, but they were cursed. To have an heir she decided to … More Currently Watching; Mirror of the Witch (마녀보감)