Currently Watching; Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스)

Shim Bo Nui is superstitious. When a psychic tells her that she needs to spend a night with a man who was born in the year of the tiger, she doesn’t hesitate and sets out to find herself a tiger.  However the inly tiger she can find is her boss Je Su Ho, a geek and a genius man who only likes working. Can she charm him? 

When I first heard about Lucky Romance I didn’t care for it. I don’t like the actors we have as leads but after the first episode I was pleasantly surprised. Now let me tell you why this drama is actually worth watching.

Hwang Jung Eum is Shim Bo Nui. Don’t judge me for saying this but I don’t like Hwan Jung Eum. Still, I think that even with her as the female lead for this drama, it isn’t doomed.

Shim Bo Nui is a silly character. She doesn’t hesitate to do anything in order to get Je Su Ho to sleep with her. This in itself, is a drama trait that is rarely seen in kdramas.

What I like the most about this drama is Je Su Ho. Played by Ryu Joon Yeol, Su Ho is a traumatized genius. He is also a jerk with a smart mouth and you know how I love my rude male leads.

Su Ho is a self-made CEO of his game company. He is known as a ruthless boss who doesn’t realize that he is insulting everyone around him as he speaks. Deep down he has emotional wounds from when he was a child and he is lonely. The only time he seems happy is when he is coding.

Look at those eyes gleam in excitement.

I love the fact that Su Ho’s character has depth. He isn’t just the rude CEO we see so often but he also cares, is awkward and wants to learn. His interactions with Bo Nui are hilarious. He doesn’t seem to realize that she is coming on to him but just acts like his usual casual self.

A drama isn’t a drama without a love triangle, or square as it seems to be the case in this drama. Lee Soo Hyuk is Gary Choi, a childhood friend of Bo Nui. He suddenly comes back after years of being away and moves next to her.

Lee Chung Ah as Amy completes this love square. She used to know Su Ho when they were young but suddenly disappeared. Well, now she is back and wants to get back into good graces with Su Ho.

In the end to my surprise I find myself liking this drama. I don’t care for the second leads but especially like Su Ho’s character and the times he and Bo Nui are together. There is no way you can keep yourself from smiling when those two are together!

I am cautiously hopeful about this drama and hope it will stay hilarious!


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