A Violent Prosecutor (검사외전)

Who said taking revenge couldn’t be humorous?

Jae Wook (Hwang Jeong Min) is a violent prosecutor. One day he finds his suspect dead in the interrogation room. He is accused of murdering him and sentenced to 15 years in jail. Five years later Chi Won (Kang Dong Won) enters the same prison. Jae Wook helps Chi Won to get acquitted, he then starts helping Jae Wook to prove his innocence.

Chi Won’s character was the best about this movie. Kang Dong Won is amazing in his role. Chi Won is a suave con man who can charm anyone and bullshit his way into a prosecutor’s office without anyone noticing something strange is going on.

He is smart, funny and charming. His scenes were the best moments; he manages to be a criminal without being too serious. He is always full of humour and jokes. Loved his character.

Jae Wook’s character left me a little cold. He was a violent man and even though he was wrongly accused and sentenced there wasn’t really a moment I sympathised with him. He was smart and efficient but Kang Dong Won completely stole the show.

The plot seems like the typical revenge movie and in a way it is. There is not much to surprise us plot wise but the amazing acting, humour and wit of the movie make it enjoyable to watch.

I was expecting a little more for the grand finale when they managed to expose the real criminal, played by the talented Lee Sung Min by the way, but on that area I was a little disappointed.

In the end this movie was fun and fresh and managed to make me laugh until I had tears in my eyes multiple times. Last, a little highlight from the movie. Enjoy and don’t fall off your chair as you laugh.


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