When a Man Loves (남자가 사랑할 때)

Tae Il (Hwang Jeong Min) is a thug. One day while working he meets Ho Jung (Han Hye Jin). He starts chasing after her, but finds out that he is terminally ill.

The movie is realistic in its depictions. A low-level thug is a low level thug, he has his troubles with the law and his family but in the end he still manages to find love for himself.

Tae Il has some redeeming qualities in him and because of those the viewer can sympathise and cry with him as he realises that he doesn’t have long.

Although Tae Il is the one pursuing Ho Jung and the movie is about him finding love, the makers don’t use any unneeded time focusing on the romance. The movie has a slow pace but it fits its feeling perfectly.

In the end the movie was ok for a one time watch. It doesn’t have points that stand out from the crowd but it wasn’t bad either.


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