Can’t Live Without Robbery (도둑맞곤 못살아)


A young So Ji Sub, thrilling plot and smart humour, this is a movie with all those qualities.

Kang Jo (So Ji Sub) is a young man who is so bored with his life that he can’t help seeking whatever adrenaline rush he can. So, he starts a new hobby; breaking into people’s homes and stealing some of their stuff just to make new notice something odd is going on.

One day he chooses Sang Tae’s (Park Sang Myeon) house. He is a quiet family man who is mostly ignored by his family. But Sang Tae has to defend his position as the man in the house, and so their game begins.

What makes this movie so hilarious is So Ji Sub’s character and the competition between the two men. Kang Jo only wants a thrill and when he finds from Sang Tae he is not going to give it up. Night after night he comes back to his house, only to find more challenges for him. Sang Tae’s whole house ends up becoming a war zone but there is no such thing as giving up. Who will win in the end?

I loved the movie from the beginning to the end, and it wasn’t even my first or second time watching it. It is fantastically made so that it grips you right from the beginning. The characters were all odd in their own ways but that made them more enjoyable to watch. I loved the ending flash to what happened after all their games.

In short this is an amazing movie blending humour and action in a way only it can.


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