Hard Romanticker

Viewer discretion is advised for this movie.

What would it be like to live a day in the life of a punk? Hard Romanticker has the answers for you.

In Hard Romanticker were taken on a crazy ride, where we see the life through the eyes of
Gu, a violent young man who’s a member of a gang. Gu is violent without mercy, takes any woman he wants, isn’t afraid to commit any kind of crime, always gets his revenge to those who insult him, and knows everyone worth knowing on the street. He crosses his friends and his enemies, and ultimately ends up being chased after by every gang in town.

With his dyed hair and little moped it is sometimes hard to take Gu seriously. Just when you think that he might be a regular man he either curses and threatens to kill someone or beats someone up.



Hard Romanticker is a slow-paced, realistic description of a world where you always have to be the toughest. Still it has its own dark humour in it and its hopeless characters are something different; there is no way that you can sympathise with them.

All the actors, writers and director did an amazing job. The movie is whole and meaningful in its way. Special mention to Matsuda Shota as Gu. He is one of those actors who can pull of any role, serious or not, with perfection.

In the end Hard Romanticker is a movie which you either hate or you see the dark brilliance of it. There is no hope or glossed over scenes here.


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