Coin Locker Girl / China Town (차이나타운)

Il Yeong is found abandoned at a coin locker when she was a baby. She is then raised by a woman called Mother. She becomes a loan shark for her, because she will only be kept as long as she is useful. As she collects debts she meets Seok Hyun (Park Bo Gum), a man who believes in kindness despite having lived his whole life poor and hunted by debt collectors. Il Yeong doesn’t want to leave her family but Mother wants her to kill Seok Hyun. What should she do?

This movie is a hard one to explain. There are many smaller plots that co-exist in peace. The movie was beautiful and the story was not predictable, it had twists I didn’t see coming and new elements.

Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap) is good as Il Yeong, but the rest of the cast is even better. Kim Hye Soo was brilliant as Mother; a woman so emotionless but at the same time so suppressing of her emotions. We can see them but at the same time they are not there. The cutie Park Bo Gum stole the screen every time he was on, and Il Yeong’s siblings, especially Uhm Tae Goo as Woo Gon were amazing.

The movie shows us that family is not always conventional but we all need a place where we belong. Although people are not all what they seem like (we hide things inside us, we’re desperate to be happy, to do better, to be better) but we still push forward no matter how much we have to force ourselves.

I liked this movie. It had moments of surprise, moments of sadness, happiness and thrill. So many things that it makes it hard to describe. It is a wonderful movie that is never boring.


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