Currently Watching; Mirror of the Witch (마녀보감)


Darkness, plots, magic, loyalty, and love.

Years ago, the queen of Joseon was not able to bear children. Desperate she seeks the help of a shamannes Hong Joo. With the help of black magic she gave birth the twins, a crown prince and a princess, but they were cursed. To have an heir she decided to move the curse to the princess and kill her in order to keep the crown prince alive. However, Hyun Seo saves her and hides. Now years later, they try to break her curse so that she can live. Can they?

Meet Yeon Hee (Kim Sae Ron); the cursed princess. She starts as an innocent child who can only trust her father and big brother while being hidden deep in the woods. As she grows and learns more about her curse she begins to stand up for herself refusing to be bounced around by others.

Yeon Hee in her cursed form.

To break her curse she needs to fulfill people’s wishes and have them light candles for her. She again secludes herself from the rest of the world and only lives for the purpose of braking the curse.

Heo Jun (Yoon Shi Yoon) is an easy-going man. He only lived to make money in order to buy his slave mother’s contract. After she was killed he begins to seek revenge. His friend was also killed by the bad guy in our series and so after meeting Yeon Hee by chance they become allies. Probably needless to say but as they meet sparks fly. Their romance begins and grows stronger as they realise that Heo Jun can actually blog Yeon Hee’s curse.

In my opinion the romance in this series is very minimal, it is there but at the same time it’s not. The couple have some chemistry together but we don’t really get to see it because of all the time-consuming plotting going around in this drama.

Because of all the plotting going on we have many players in this drama and I admit that in the beginning I was confused as to who was who. So, here’s a small guide to the main plotters.

Hyun Seo (Lee Sung Jae)

Hyun Seo saves Yeon Hee and hides her away. She considers him to be her father. He is also the father of Poong Yeon.

Yo Gwang / Taoist (Lee Yi Kyung)

Yo Gwang works for Hyun Seo and in his absence works to keep Yeon Hee safe.

Poong Yeon (Kwak Shi Yang) is the (not blood related) brother of Yeon Hee. He loves her (at one point even more than a brother should).

Now we get to the main bad guy. Hong Joo (Yum Jung Ah) is the one who gave birth to the royal twins with her dark magic. In reality her goal is to destroy the royal blood line. She  tirelessly works to fulfill her goal. She is an excellent manipulator and bares to thought to other people or their lives. Right now, the only thing she needs to do is kill the princess.

The queen and mother of the twins (Jang Hee Jin)

The queen did carelessly abandon her another child when she was a baby but now after the death of the crown prince she plots against the king in order to have the throne to her child.

The king (Lee Ji Hoon)

The king, who is not the direct lineage of the royalty, took over after the previous king and the father of the twins died. He is plotting (well, maybe I should say manipulated by) with Hong Joo to keep the throne.

Lot’s of players right? And these are the main guys, in the background there are more…

So what to say about this drama?

The good points first. I love the filming, special effects and music. The setting is usually very dark and it fits the drama perfectly. The special effects are without a question top-notch. They even make this drama down right creepy at points. The music is perfect; it always fits the scenes and highlights it.

Then the things that I would change… Firstly, the plotting. They spend so much time talking and plotting that I would even describe this drama as a historical melodrama. Also the romance is so slow and pretty non existent in my opinion. Still, I give them points for adding some sort comical relief after all the talking.

Is this drama worth watching? If you like sageuk or plotting this is exactly for you!


2 thoughts on “Currently Watching; Mirror of the Witch (마녀보감)

  1. I wonder just how far the romance will go, since the girl is like 15 years old, and Yoon Shi Yoon is I think 29??? As I watch I don’t think about it, because she looks mature for her age and Yoon Shi Yoon has such a baby face despite his age. Also, this is a historical drama, and back then those age gaps were actually very common. It makes me uncomfortable when I think about it, post watching an episode, but while I’m watching it, it doesn’t bother me much. No one in this drama looks like the age they are playing anyways……


    1. It’s true that the age gape is big. It only bothers me since she only is 15 (as there are many age gaps among other actors too), but she is not even of legal age yet. Still, you are right I don’t really think about it either as I watch the drama but I hope they won’t take the romance too far because then I know I’ll be a little weirded out even though they are only acting…


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