Currently Watching; Beautiful Mind (뷰티풀 마인드)


I think I’m in love.

Lee Yeong Oh is a neurosurgeon who cannot sympathize with people due to brain damage. Because of his behavior everyone views him as odd. When a patient dies no one hesitates to point at him. Among the people who suspect him is also a police officer named Gye Jin Sung. She doesn’t hesitate to search for the justice she believes in, but is Lee Yeong Oh really guilty or not?

Some of you might remember how I praised and commended Cheese In the Trap in two posts about its characters (mostly Yoo Jung) and it’s suspense and well-built suspicion towards him and his actions, and may I say, Oh My God, Beautiful Mind does not pale in comparison.

I admit that in the first minute into this drama and I was already hooked, so I’ll give you a warning; this one is going to be a long one.

Jang Hyuk as Lee Yeong Oh

Meet Dr. Frankenstein.

Heartless, cold, powerful, mind-blowing, arrogant, suspicious, scary, scared. There’s an endless list of words how I could describe Lee Yeong Oh.


“My talent as a doctor is because of my empty heart.”

He is a man who lives in his own world. He has many faces, but all of them arouse suspicion towards him from the people around him. He is a surgeon at the level of a genius but he has one problem; it’s impossible for him to feel or sympathize with other people’s emotions.

“You’re a doctor, right?”
“A patient is in a bad condition.”
“Is this my place of work?”

And then he sips his coffee and goes back to reading his newspaper. You see what I mean right?

This drama filled with suspicion towards Lee Yeong Oh but that is not the only thing we get. We actually are let in into how his damaged brain works we see many different sides to him. Him at his most confident, him scared, vulnerable, him as a genius in action, and him scaring us!

I am still holding breath.

As Lee Yeong Oh is unable to sympathize or feel, from childhood he has been taught to read people and their expressions, words and actions. To help him he had his father but he is still under his control. The relationship between this father and son is not simple, but I can’t wait to see how it will develop.

“Don’t just think about yourself. Read the other person.”

Analyzing in action.

Tired of me only praising Lee Yeong Oh? Want to hear if there are any other characters in this drama? Well, actually there are.

Park So Dam as Gye Jin Sung

Remember the police officer I briefly mentioned? This is her.

Gye Jin Sung is a typical overzealous woman. She works tirelessly towards capturing the bad guys and doesn’t hesitate to be the one to point a finger towards Lee Yeong Oh.

She was sick in her childhood and has (?) an interest towards her doctor;

Yoon Hyun Min as Hyun Suk Joo

We really don’t know much about Hyun Suk Joo yet. He is a popular doctor and a nice man, but also forgetful and a workaholic.

As I understand it, this drama’s premise is romance between Lee Yeong Oh and Gye Jin Sung and I’m both extremely excited and extremely worried at the same time.

Here’s why I’m worried; Lee Yeong Oh’s inability to feel is not something that is fixable. He has brain damage and the last time I checked that couldn’t be cured by the power of love. Although, Gye Jin Sung already has her hard beating faster for Lee Yeong Oh I am suspicious as her character doesn’t seem like one that would love someone who is immoral or cold.

However, I am staying positive, as the first episodes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The characters and the plot or compelling and have so much more to offer to us;

Here’s the thrill, crime, speculation, and the darkness this drama has, but here;

…is the human side that is still there despite the fact that Lee Yeong Oh is not what we would call normal. He is still human.

So is Lee Yeong Oh good or bad? Human or a monster?

I’ll leave it for you to decide on your own but let’s finish with a quote from him;

“Father, I wasn’t caught.”


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