Currently Watching; Doctors (닥터스)

Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) was a gangster in school. Her father abandoned her to live with her grandmother when he couldn’t deal with her anymore. At her new school (and her grandma’s house) she meets Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who is a doctor but works as a teacher at Hye Jung’s school. First time meeting people who believe in her, Hye Jung starts to change. She begins to reach for what she wants but a tragedy happens and the two almost lovers separate. What happens when the two reunite thirteen years later at the same hospital?

Let me state the facts first; I was terrified to start this drama because of Park Shin Hye. She is, to me at least, infamous about her awkward acting, similar characters and horrible kiss scenes. Still, I have such a soft spot for Kim Rae Won that I just couldn’t pass this.

Let’s meet the characters.

Hong Ji Hong is a positive guy. He is more than a little special as a teacher, as he doesn’t force his students to study and always trusts them and bails them out from the police station.

He has a traumatic past and much due to that he understands Hye Jung. He believes in her and with his and her grandmother’s help they turn her around.

Hye Jung is spunky. She speaks roughly, always returns what she gets and what is most important she is not an air headed blue-eyed female lead who doesn’t understand anything about the real world. She knows that she will always be stepped on unless she changes things. She takes up the challenge and lives up to it.

So is there chemistry between these two? Yes, I think so.

Firstly the two start as a teacher and student; a forbidden romance! I like that but even though they never actually speak out their emotions we can feel the connection the two have right from the beginning. They understand each other and are very similar.


Now with that said, the next thing is to state the things I don’t like about this drama.

I don’t like Seo Woo’s (Lee Sung Kyung) character at all. She also went to the same school as Hye Jung and was an avid fan of teacher Hong Ji Hong. But she was also a jealous b***. Posting on to the school’s site, basically lying to the police and separating our couple just because she couldn’t have Hong Ji Hong, was childish and made me dislike her.

The fact that her father alongside her grandfather seem to be the bad guys in this drama is not really helping her case.

Let’s not end things with the bad stuff, here’s more of some of the things I liked about this drama.

The friendship between Soon Hee (Moon Ji In) and Hye Jung is heartwarming.

“From the time I was born until now, there has been no one that was sincerely on my side like Hye Jung.”
Soon Hee is a cute a little dumb girl who hangs on to Hye Jung from the first time they meet. She is sweetly innocent and brings some freshness into this drama.

In the first episodes (which were only about their school days) we also had Soo Chul (Ji Soo) with his bad boy attitude and motorcycle. I hope they bring him back!

After four episodes I remain a faithful watcher but I am fearfully expectant. I did watch the preview for the next episode and I see some action heading our way. Love that. I hope that things will progress between this pair and we won’t only get hospital gowns and surgeries. I need the romance to be always present in this drama!


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