Psychometry (사이코메트리)

A murderer is hunting young girls. First to realise the case is detective Chung Dong. When he sees a graffiti eerily similar to the actual crime scene he searches for the painter believing him to be the culprit. However, the painter was Kim Jun, a young man who can see a person’s or object’s past simply by touching them. The two team up to search for the actual killer.

This movie wasn’t what I expected. I was searching for a good psycho-thriller, but this falls more into a regular crime movie category. Still it was fun for a one time watch. The story keeps moving forward at a good pace and the whole movie will pass you by before you even notice. The acting was good; I love Kim Bum but what was up with that hair?

In the end if you want a crime solving movie this might be the one for you; it has a good story, acting and end, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd as something special.


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