Iconic OST Songs Pt. 4 – China & Taiwan

Not only kdramas offer us amazing OST songs. Granted, I watch less Chinese or Taiwanese dramas but I have still found some that have amazing OSTs as well!



Devil Beside You

Yida Huang – Chou Nan Ren

An older drama but no one can resist the charm Mike He had as the bad boy in this forbidden romance. Yida Huang has many other good songs as well, but I will always remember when I heard this song for the first time.


Alan Kuo – Ling

Mars is not only an epic drama, but it has this song in its OST to make it even more amazing. The song captures the dramas feeling amazingly; the sorrow, the hopefulness, the feeling of wanting to be better and finding something to help you move on from the past.

See my Mars Review  here

Boss & Me / Shan Shan Comes to Eat

Zhang Han – Promise of the Wind

This is just sweet, amazing, fantastic, lovable, etc. I think you get the picture. The main characters were fantastic together and their love was so real that I can’t stop rewatching this drama. Zhang Han, the male lead actually sings this OST song and it just reminds me of the drama and his sweetness every time I hear this.

Find the review for these two lovebirds here; Boss & Me


Bii – Back In Time

Bii is an amazing actor and singer. He mixes Chinese, English and Korean in his songs and manages to make even the saddest songs, like this one, catchy. I loved Bromance maybe a little too much and was immediately listening to this song on repeat once it released.

He also recorded another song for the drama’s OST, and it was FINALLY released last month. His smooth voice is just too captivating.

Relive the tender love between these couples by reading the Currently Watching: Bromance or the photo review Bromance  here!

Like always stay tuned for more iconic OST songs and don’t forget to see the previous parts to this article series;

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