Currently Watching; Let’s Fight Ghost (싸우자귀신아)

Kim Hyun Ji died 5 years ago. Now she lives on as a ghost with no memory. She tries to find out who she was by going through high schools. Park Bong Pal (this name just cracks me up every time I hear it 🙂 ) is a college student who can see, hear and talk to ghosts. He made fighting ghosts his part-time job, but when he faces Hyun Ji he is beaten. After fighting and kissing the two form an alliance to fight off other ghosts while living together.

I like the combination of comedy, horror and romance this drama has. The last time I saw this made so well was The Master’s Sun, still this drama has its own distinct style and storyline that makes it captivating.

Taecyeon (from 2PM) is our dorky Park Bong Pal. Bong Pal lives alone is stingy with money. He doesn’t have any friends or family around him, and he continues to work to keep it that way. He is serious and even though he has a crush on a girl at his school he never approaches her.

Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) is bubbly and energetic, a young smiling ghost who doesn’t hurt anyone. She continues to bug Bong Pal and that is the only reason she manages to get close to him. After a while, he does miss her once she is gone, but still continues to call her a “stray kitten”.

At first Bong Pal and Hyun Ji don’t get along. They fight -both physically and verbally- but as time goes on both of them start to see each other’s charm. Bong Pal  realizes that Hyun Ji can be useful to him and decides to keep her around not only because of that, but because he thinks that she is cute.

The two are fun to watch, especially when I suddenly remember that no one else can actually see Hyun Ji -to other’s it’s only Bong Pal talking to himself, pulling himself to a stop, fighting over eating meat, etc. This two have me laughing!

Veteran actor Kim Sang Ho is Myung Chul, an old monk exorcist that is way past his prime. He still continues to work but it should be called more conning than actually working. He prerecords his chants, is unable to sense ghost and gets beaten up by them, loses his tools…. I don’t know what to say. He is pretty much the only human family Bong Pal has and he stops by every once in a while to eat.

Joo Hye Sung (Kwon Yool) is the college’s star. He is loved by his students, especially the female students. He loves animals and owns a veterinary clinic in town.

His role is not clear yet, but my guess would be (by the little clues that we’ve been given) that he is (or is possessed by) an evil spirit. I think that he might be the one that killed Hyun Ji, but we’ll see! I love guessing what’s going to happen!

In other roles we have Lee David as In Rang and Kang Ki Young as Chun Sang. The two are the only members of a club that chases after ghosts. They quickly catch onto Bong Pal and start to follow him to find and record a real ghost.

This drama combines horror, mystery, comedy and romance amazingly well and wraps it all up into a pretty, enchanting package that is hard to resist. It’s special effects are well made and the ghosts are scary but not too much. Hopefully the storyline will keep moving on with the good pace it has set and that we’ll see more ghosts and romance!

What are you still waiting for?


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