Currently Watching; Myung Wol the Spy (스파이 명월)

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Han Myung Wol is a North-Korean spy. She makes a mess of her assignment but she wants to right her mistake so she travels to South-Korea in secret. There she again runs into the Hallyu star Kang Woo. Due to a little miscommunication with the North she now receives orders to marry him and return with him to the North. She forces her way close to him and sticks there. Can he resist her charms?

Han Myung Wol’s (Han Ye Seul) biggest dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps and make it into the Special Force. She is constantly told that her Achille’s heel is that she doesn’t think and goes by her heart.

Kang Woo (Eric) is a big star. He is egoistic, self-centered, rude, and indecisive.

Kang Woo gets followed by many fans and admirers, one of them being the daughter of his supporter (I’m seeing a love triangle here). He never really turns her down in such a way that she wouldn’t come back…

Myung Wol practising how to charm Kang Woo.

So does this couple have chemistry? No(t yet). I am hoping that after Kang Woo starts falling for her (I hope soon) we will start to see more chemistry between the two. Right now, what we get is Myung Wol tirelessly chasing after him and him just being a jerk.

Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook) works in the North Korean Special Force. He is sent to the South to deliver Myung Wol her mission and to complete his own, secret task. He is searching for 4 books that have been lost for centuries. Why? We don’t know but I hope that the drama  would include us on that info soon. It’s tiresome to just watch him trying to find the books without knowing the reason why. I mean, they’re old so they can’t have some codes or anything like that on them, so why are they so important??

Comrade Ok Soon (Yoo Ji In) and Comrade Hee Bok (Jo Hyung Ki) are spies that have lived in the South for years. They’re wakened from their lives to help Myung Wol and they form a fake family; Ok Soon as her mother and Hee Bok as her father.

In the end is Myung Wol the Spy worth watching? I really can’t say. it has its good points and its bad ones so I can’t seem to make up my mind about it… Only time will tell.

Have you seen Myung Wol the Spy? Was it worth watching?


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