Mood of the Day (그날의 분위기)

Jae Hyun is a man who only haves one night stands. When he sits next to Soo Jung on the train to Busan he suggests that they have one. Soo Jung has a boyfriend but after spending a whole day with him she starts to see him in a different light. What will happen between the two?

I decided to watch this movie for its different plot. I liked the plot idea; a man and a woman together for just a while in the train. However, the plot turned out to be superficial and predictable. I could see everything that was going to happen before it did.

I can’t say much for the acting. The actors weren’t bad. I have never liked Moon Chae Won. I think she was really awkward in Good Doctor and I just can’t seem to move on from that.

Still even though I didn’t care for this movie if you’re looking for a feel good romcom that has a happy ending and not too much depth this is the one for you.


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