The Great Passage

“Can you define the word “love”?”

Mitsuya Majime (Matsuda Ryuhei) is a quiet and reserved man who works as a salesman. His name means serious (and he is) but luckily for him it takes a serious man to make a dictionary. Now it is bestowed on to him to define the word “love”. Kaguya Hayashi (Miyazaki Aoi) moves into the same house and helps him with his difficult task.

I love so many things about this movie. It’s pace, characters, filming, and its plot and its originality. The acting was so natural that I forgot that they we’re actually acting. The character’s development was fun to watch; it was an odd feeling to see such a solemn man like Majime kun to get so thrilled and engrossed in something most people would find completely and mind numbingly boring, but I couldn’t help feeling his excitement and feelings all through the movie. His patience and calm manor amazes me. After working over a decade of working on a dictionary at its publication party he plans to start revising it the next day.

What surprised me was this movie’s subtle beauty. It’s filled with calm and made with a beautiful pace. If you take time to look deeper into its meaning you can see the surprising difficulty of making a dictionary. Have you ever tried, or even thought of, defining a word? Tried to give a single word an explanation so that it could be understood? Have you ever given a thought as to how powerful words actually are?


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