Blind Detective

Johnston (Andy Lau) used to be a detective. Unfortunately he lost his sight but with the help of his acute senses and keen mind he still solves cases for the reward money. While on a case he meets Ho (Sammi Cheng). She hires him to find an old friend of hers that disappeared one night. The two team up and solve many cases while finding something else too…

I like detective movies when they’re done right and Blind Detective is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. The cases, the acting, plot, everything was perfect and done amazingly. Ho and Johnston are a perfect duo; they’re funny, smart and can bring the audience into their cases.

I especially loved that they didn’t solve only one case during the movie. Minnie’s case was always there but in the mean time they solved others and managed to show brilliantly Johnston’s odd way of thinking and also Ho’s struggle to accompany him. She suffers through so much but in the end she always is the one that saves Johnston from trouble.

It wasn’t my first time watching this movie nor will it be the last. Blind Detective is funny and thrilling; it’s a movie made for everyone to enjoy.


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