Beautiful Mind Review

Exploring the Mind of Doctor Frankenstein


This article contains major spoilers for the last episodes of the drama. You have been warned.

In the beginning Beautiful Mind was a mystery. They gave us a thrill with Lee Young oh, a psychopath doctor clad always in black, but it turned out to be much more.

Beautiful Mind is heartbreaking story of a man’s life and how a mistake other people made ends up dictating and ruining his life. It’s heartfelt and raw, without any unnecessary flashiness. It shows the truth.

“The world I live in is a perfectly logical place that isn’t polluted by emotions or sincerity.”

Picture a man, who has lived his whole life being told that he is a monster. He isn’t capable of feeling, he can’t cry, he can’t enjoy music or share other’s joy for that summer’s first ice-cream. Despite the world’s bias towards him he works hard and learns to recognise and imitate emotions so well that no one can point him out from the crowd. He finds his dream; he want’s to be a doctor, but even that dream gets crushed by his one and only family, his father.

“Don’t have such things as dreams. You’re different from normal people.”

The boy, Lee Yeong Oh, grows up and becomes a doctor. He speaks harshly and still can’t sympathise with anyone else. He returns to the same hospital his father works at in hopes of being recognised by him.

“From now on you must not act upon your feelings. Act like the others. Act just like them. What you should be afraid of the most… is you, Lee Young Oh. You must not let anyone know… who you really are.”

At the hospital someone dies and all the fingers start to point to the doctor that is somehow different in everyone’s opinion. He is painted as the culprit by his fiance who then goes on to reveal the fact that he is a psychopath to everyone.

He runs. Terrified and alone he beats a person up on the street because he couldn’t see face so he couldn’t recognise whether he was a threat to him or not. The only one who lends him a hand is Gye Jin Sung, a woman who cares too much.

My heart breaks for Lee Yeong Oh; no one even tries to understand him. No matter what he does, no matter how many patients he saves or how honourably he tries to live, the only thing people see of him is the fact that he can’t feel. That way the make him isolated and actually turn him to a loner when he could have been fine living a normal life.

Every time people move away from him, every time people look at him with only fear in their eyes, they never stopped to wonder what that would do to him. Other people are the real reason why he turned into a monster. Oh, and of course his father.

“Father. In this situation, what kind of expression am I supposed to make?
You saved my life.
You are my only family.
You taught me everything about life.
When I found out that you are in fact the true monster who raised me to be a monster, what expression was I supposed to make? You never taught me how to deal with this kind of tough emotion. I no longer want to live as your mistake.”

Lee Yeong Oh turns out to be the victim of malpractice. He finds out that he isn’t a psychopath because of a brain damage, that he could actually feel, but it is too late. Years and years of abuse from his father, who only tried to right his mistake with “perfect education” made him develop a personality disorder and leaves him incapable of feeling.

Now instead of being a monster he is defined as someone’s failure. He starts becoming closer with Gye Jin Sung. She is his wi-fi, the one who can help him realise what his patients need.

Gye Jin Sung has a positive out look on life and people. She’s the complete opposite of Lee Yeong Oh. She breaks through to him and makes him want to be a better person. She turns out to be the one that has just what Lee Yeong Oh needs; someone to stay by his side.

She doesn’t label him as a monster but sees him for what he is; a scarred man who needs someone to care for him.

GJS; “Did you finally begin to love your patient?”
LYO; “No. You.”

Much like in I Remember You, Lee Yeong Oh was a person that had been called a monster his whole life, but we can’t really make out whether he actually is a monster or just different from what we consider normal.

Amazingly, Lee Yeong Oh makes peace with what he is. He can’t change the past so the only way for him to continue his life is to accept the fact that he is damaged and will stay that way for the rest of his life. He takes amazing strength after being betrayed by the people closest to him and actually starts dating Gye Jin Sung.

Whether his feelings were like the love normal people feel, we don’t know. I don’t think it was but love fades. He was willing to sacrifice his own life to save hers and is willing to love her the best way he can for the rest of his life. The only thing he asks for is for her to stay beside him and remember how he feels about her.

“I’m different from normal people. While I was seeing you, I thought I had changed a lot. But I didn’t. I was mistaken. A miracle like that won’t happen in the future either. I will baffle you from time to time. I may make you feel lonely, and you’ll be disheartened because I won’t be able to change. Even in those moments, I won’t know how to comfort you. So please don’t forget. Every breath you take please remember how I feel about you and what you mean to me.”




Now let’s review the drama. First of all, I don’t understand the reason why this drama didn’t get more attention.

We as our leads we have Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam, and even supporting roles rock names like Yoon Hyun Min and Oh Jung Se. The plot was original, addicting, and well made, it was met well with the critics, the acting and music were great. Still it only recorded at the highest only 4.8 % in ratings, and be damned this Olympics nonsense that reduced the episodes from 16 to 14… *Cries* Still right till the end this drama did a fantastic job of not ruining the flow of the plot even though they reduced the episodes by two. In my opinion they would’ve had enough plot to make it even longer than the original 16 episodes they planned.

Beautiful Mind had amazing love quotes, like his confession, but also even though their relationship isn’t in the center of this drama their relationship is deep and the two are sweet, trusting, and needful towards each other. One of the best I have seen depicted.

Lee Yeong Oh was written amazingly well, I was worried about his character development in the beginning but all my concerns were unnecessary. The writer didn’t drop the ball and managed to create a touching character out of man without feelings.




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