Pieta (피에타)

A mother and son’s frail relationship.

Gang Do works as a heartless loan shark. He always collects and doesn’t care how violent he has to get. One day a woman appears before him and claims to be the mother who abandoned him as a child.

Gang Do is such a rough character and yet his mother manages to chance him in a way. He doesn’t turn into a choir boy, not by a mile, but he learns to love someone. He absolutely treasures his mother once he comes to terms with her returning. They spend time together like they didn’t get to and enjoy each others company. They stand up and look after each other like a family should, even though they are a little dysfunctional.

Their story will leave a crack in your heart.

What I liked most about this movie was its simple, yet so beautifully made story and the way it showed the characters. You can clearly see in their mother-son relationship that she really cares for him, even if she didn’t wish to do so. And he loved her like she was his real mother. You can sense the frailness and that at any moment their happiness could shatter but still you cannot help but want the best for the characters.

There was a good plot twist put into the end, but I’m not going to ruin it for you. I think it fit the story well, and made their time together all the more precious. The movie is filmed beautifully and the characters and their relationships with each other are so real, and in a way heart breaking. This is a movie that’ll stay with you long after it’s over.


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