The Shameless (무뢰한)

Kim Hye Kyung is the lover of a murderer. She’s also the only lead detective Jong Jae Gon has to catch the murderer who’s gone into hiding. Jong goes undercover and infiltrates Hye Kyung’s life. He becomes drawn to her, but in the end who’s playing who?

I like the story and style this movie had. Everything is played out in the underworld so the darkness in the movie was a must. The filming, acting, and lines were very natural and flowed together to form this compelling film one can’t look away from.

Kim Nam Gil as Jong Jae Gon especially captured my eye with his seriousness and cute face. He’s a perfect detective who’s seen it all and doesn’t hesitate to break a few bones to make the arrest, but, he also has a soft side and when he smiled I melted.

Kim Nam Gil where have you been all this time?

This movie is a hardboiled romantic noir thriller that you can’t resist. It balances the thrill, romance and noir, not adding too much of anything. Add in my new-found cutie Kim Nam Gil and you’ll have yourself a movie that’ll stay with you even after its finished.

The raw and natural beauty of this movie is something I hope everyone would see.


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