Currently Watching; Too Late to Say I Love You

On a business trip Jing Wan meets a man chased by an army. She helps him hide and they run from them together. As they part the man gives her a pocket watch. Later Jing Wan’s fiance gets arrested. To save him she travels to Chengzhou. There she meets the same man again. His name is Pei Lin and now he has succeeded his father as an army general. The two form an alliance and fall in love.

We have Chung Wallace as the captivating Fourth Master. Pei Lin is a fearless leader who always has an answer to what ever problem he is facing.

Despite being the leader of six provinces and what seems to be a big army, he has a huge heart. He sincerely cares for the citizens that live in his provinces and does his best for they’re well-being.

When he meets Jing Wan he falls for her charms. In his love for her he is extremely possessive and confident. He makes sure to give her everything that is in his power to give, which is, pretty much everything she can think of. He makes her smile and happy no matter what. When he sees her smiling he is content.

Li Xiao Ran is Jing Wan, a woman raised by modern standards. From the start she doesn’t hesitate to tell what she thinks nor does she stand for any crap from the Fourth Master. She’s a gentle and a dedicated lady that calms everyone around her.

I love that she isn’t satisfied with just staying at home and waiting for her man to get home; she supports him in everything he does, believes in him the most, trusts him and shares his pain with him. She follows him to the frontline of war, declaring to be together with him in life and death.

Do these two have chemistry?

Their chemistry is off the charts. Every. Single. Time. I’m not one for staring (I’m still healing from Heirs) but these two only need to look at each other for the viewer to see the flames and longing between them. They’re one of the best matches I have ever seen. Seriously.

Unfortunately, this drama too has to have a second lead. I can’t just keep raving about Pei Lin or their amazing chemistry. -Too Late to Say I Love You:

Our two second leads that both have, as we all guessed, a one-sided love towards one of our main leads.

Jiang Zhang (left) is in love with Jing Wan, and at one point even engaged to her. He however loses him to Pei Lin. I was not surprised. Jing Wan and him had no chemistry or love (at least I didn’t see any), and they were very awkward with each other. So, not couple material. Now he wants revenge and schemes against Pei Lin.

Xin Zhi (right) is the daughter of one of Pei Lin’s military generals. She is army-smart; she can be heartless in her strategies and without doubt she would’ve become a general herself had she been born a man. However, she is bordering on being stupid when it comes to her obsession, I mean love towards Pei Lin; they’ve never talked about their feelings nor have they ever said “I like you” to each other, but she assumes that he loves her deeply, needs her and will eventually marry her. I don’t know how drew that conclusion…

This drama has been on my list for a good year or two but I’ve always shunned away from it because of its name; Too Late to Say I Love You doesn’t really sound like a romantic drama with a happy ending. I think its other name “Endless Love” fits the drama -at least so far- so much better. Also, it is much more inviting.

I started this drama because I was in desperate need of a good male lead and I got one. Pei Lin is just what I need; a perfect, possessive male lead to take my mind away. Jing Wan is capturing in her love and character. The only complaint I can come up with is the special effects of the first episode. They were bad but for some reason only in the first ep. They’re natural in every other episode, maybe they had a bad editor only for first episode..?

The drama’s depiction of love, family and war is amazing and not to be missed. What are you still waiting for?



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