Currently Watching; W – Two Worlds (W-두 개의 세계)

Star-crossed lovers of this century.

I jumped into W a little late -the drama has actually aired more than half of it, but it’s never too late to get addicted! I don’t know whether I’m happy that I didn’t start right when this started airing because now I can (could, I should say) marathon the episodes because I know I wouldn’t have been able to wait for episodes every week! It’s not an understatement to say that we have a drama that rivals big hits like Kill Me, Heal Me or Descendants of the Sun!

Most probably already know the plot and story because you’ve been glued to your screen just like me, but let’s just go through the roller coaster again. Let’s look at the plot and then some comments!

Oh Yeon Joo’s father is the writer of the webtoon W that has taken over the whole nation. Everyone waits to see what will happen to Kang Cheol, the main character, even after the manhwa has been published for years. One day Yeon Joo’s father goes missing. While in his room she gets pulled into the manhwa and meets Kang Cheol in person.

Our main character Kang Cheol is played by the heart-throb Lee Jong Suk.

When he was young he won the gold metal for shooting in the Olympics (damn you 2016 Olympics; I’m still bitter from what you did to Beautiful Mind and they even messed up this drama’s airing schedule too…. Sigh…Nothing escapes from you!!). He is celebrated but one day when he returns home he finds his whole family killed. Suddenly, everyone turns against him and he is charged and sentenced as the killer.

Years and years later he is hunting the real killer. He has created a name for himself; he’s rich, gorgeous and a CEO. A deadly combo. He is lured into a rooftop by a call and stabbed, can he survive?

Han Hyo Joo is Yeon Joo. A doctor and the daughter of the missing creator of W. She comes to find his father but is instead pulled into the manhwa by Kang Cheol;

This was soooo creepy!

She then finds herself on a rooftop of a building next to a heavily bleeding man.

The manhwa scenes are made so well and flawlessly inserted into the drama.

She saves him, but can she return to her own world?

Now that the plot is out-of-the-way, it’s time for some comments and Lee Jong Suk hotness.

Were you always this gorgeous??

“Everyone looks at the appearance instead of looking at the context and they believe it as a fact.”

In addition to his undeniable hotness I like Kang Chul’s character; he’s not a rude chaebol with a bad attitude towards anybody, but he isn’t a pushover second lead either. He’s smart but not off-putting. He’s vulnerable and soft but he’s strong and rough. He can charm and out smart you without you even realising what happened. He’s a new kind of character and that makes him unpredictable; I can never tell what’s going to happen!

“She has this aura. It feels like she’s expressing, “I’m the crazy witch in this area.”

She is the crazy one.

After figuring out how to leave the manhwa Yeon Joo tries to shock Kang Cheol in whatever way possible, and I mean whatever way she can come up with, to be able to return, however shocking him is not as easy as it sounds…

This brings so much humour and unpredictability into the drama! Without a doubt, this drama is the most unpredictable drama I have ever watched; the unusual plot allows almost anything and everything and the characters keep surprising me. They’re consistent but not predictable. I love this combination.

Can this get any better? Of course it can.

And it does. We have amazing supporting characters, one of them being Park Soo Bong (Lee Shi Eon). He’s funny in his silliness.

We also have a mystery character. Just who is the man who killed Kang Cheol’s family?!?! He is super creepy with his machine voice and facelessness.

I couldn’t resist adding just one more gif of Jong Suk…

This drama is amazing. There are no words to describe it. I’m sorry Woo Bin, I love you and I really did wait and wanted to watch your drama, but this just took me away. W is a brilliant mixture of new and old. The plot is nothing I have ever seen before and the acting is top-notch. We have mystery, romance, and thrill in a way that is sure to lead you into addiction!

What are you waiting for? Tune in to see if this star-crossed pair can beat the odds and end up together with a happy ending!


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