Currently Watching; Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (구르미 그린 달빛)


Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) is a woman who disguises herself as a man. She is then sold to become a eunuch in order to pay her debts. She meets the Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) and the two become friends. But is that all they are…?

This is a picture that captures the Crown Prince perfectly. Park Bo Gum is just to die for (yes, he is that gorgeous) and his absolutely adorable character doesn’t exactly help my already throbbing heart. The Crown Prince is known to be irresponsible and has everyone on their toes with his temperament. He doesn’t study and continues to disappoint his father. However, he is extremely intelligent; he may look like an incompetent man who could never inherit the throne but he is cunning and never loses anything he wants.

Kim Yoo Jung is the lucky  girl who gets the Prince’s love.

She is forced to become a eunuch and with no little amount of luck she manages to pass the test. Well, luck for the physical exam and the Prince’s help (should I even call it helping…?).

Ra On is a bright lady who has the talent of words. She can survive with her ability to chance everything into something beautiful while only using her powerful pen. She gets the attention of the Prince by accident but the two soon get closer.

The Prince and his puppy become closer and closer through various incidents and have the court questioning the prince’s sexuality…

Don’t get on his wrong side.

Of course a historical drama needs someone who is plotting to get the throne and here Kim Hun (Chun Ho Jin) comes into the picture.

He pretty much controls the king. His daughter is now married to the king and so he can have his way in the court and well, everywhere. He plots and plots but so far our magnificent Crown Prince has won.

Every drama also needs a second lead. Kim Yoon Sung (Jung Jin Young from B1A4) also happens to be our bad guy’s son. He is, even at his best, a pretty mild character. Well, he does have to go against the charismatic Crown Prince so it’s no wonder that he just isn’t stealing the screen.

Image result for moonlight drawn by clouds Lee Joon Hyuk

A big thumbs up for eunuch Jang (Lee Joon Hyuk). He’s hilarious and caring. He’s always looking after the Crown Prince even when he throws his temper tantrums. Catch the two dancing to Bombastic here!

Yes, it’s Bo Gum again. I just can’t get over how handsome he is. He is the best thing about this drama. His character is very captivating and funny and his acting is amazing like always. He is serious, fun, light, sweet, caring and loving all at the same time.

Image result for moonlight drawn by clouds park bo gum gif

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds has an easy to follow plot, great characters and an amazing cast that make it a hit for many people. It is very good, but the at the same time I cannot help but compare it to another historical drama that is airing the same day as this one. Yes, I am talking about Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

In my humble opinion I prefer Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Even with Park Bo Gum being in this drama. I love him, but Lee Joon Gi is stealing my heart and not giving it back. I like the plot in both dramas but Scarlet Heart Ryeo is offering something more than a plot that I have already seen before.

Even with all that said I think that Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is a great drama that everyone should watch. If me talking wasn’t enough, here’s the short teaser that got me hooked on this drama.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!”


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