So I Married an Anti-Fan (所以,和黑粉结婚)

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Miao Miao is a journalist. One day she gets on the wrong side of Zhunhou, a Korean idol and superstar. She is then fired from her job and becomes his anti-fan. Afterwards she is suggested that the two star in a reality show together. She takes on the challenge and decides to dig up so much dirt that she’ll be able to destroy him. But will she continue as his anti or will she see his charm?

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I have been waiting for this movie since I heard its name. It wasn’t a minus that EXO’s Chanyeol was the main lead either. I am just a sucker for bickering and unexpected romance and that was the premise of this movie. I went in with high expectations. Were they all filled? No. Was I completely disappointed? No, I wasn’t.

I liked the plot. It might have been simple and shallow but it did give me a good laugh in the beginning. Mia Miao and Houzhun’s relationship was far from good and it was made that way. They bickered and really hated each other convincingly.

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I’m still laughing at this scene.

Unfortunately the good points turned to weaknesses in the end. They hated each other so convincingly that their love, that bloomed with one sweet sentence and a couple of stares did not convince me. The movie started out good but the end was just another romcom with nothing changed expect the actors.

If you want a good laugh and a no-brainer comedy with a touch of romance this is for you. Of course, Chanyeol being the main lead will be sure to pull thousands of fan-girls to the screen and sell them the dream of an idol falling in love with a fan. I’m not objecting; it worked with me.

In the end I just have one question left;

Who came up with the idea of this mustache??

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