Drop It Like It’s Hot!

The one and the only drama cliché that makes me unable to watch a drama, even if it stars my favorite actor or actress is incurable disease.

Lately there have been a couple of dramas that I was waiting for eagerly but my feelings turned cold already in the first episode.

Here’s why.

Firstly, Kim Woo Bin, why? Why did you to this to me? I was waiting for your drama comeback for almost a year and after the long, long wait they ruined the drama in less than 10 minutes. To be exact the first seven minutes.

Uncontrollably Fond started with great action but these words stopped the world from moving;

“It doesn’t make sense.”
“What doesn’t?”
“The fact that I only have another year or so to live due to a disease even modern medicine has no cure for.”

After these lines I had to scream. Why on earth would you do this, our dear writer? What is wrong with you? I’m sure my neighbors weren’t happy with the plot either as they had to hear me wail.

I’m sure I was not the only one this drama completely sucker punched and left coldly bleeding by the side of the road.

Kim Woo Bin, a hot actor in both body and popularity, why would you choose a drama like this as your awaited and well promoted comeback? There is just very little in this drama that appeals to a major audience and with twenty episodes I was sure that in the end I would only be left pulling my hair out with my last strength.

Of course I had to check out the final episode (well, the fast-forwarded version of it) just to see if I was right in dropping the drama. And I’m sorry to say that I was. What we got was Woo Bin begging to live, tears from his love and him dying. I love you and your one of my favorite actors but I will never be able to watch this drama.

Conclusion; I’m happy that I dropped this. No regrets.

Another, still airing drama is Fantastic.

I was absolutely thrilled about this drama. An actor who sucks at acting and a screen writer fall in love; I was in. And then. The female lead only has six month to live.

My feelings exactly.

Still I didn’t judge you just by the description; I did watch the first episode. Aaand I dropped you like you were hot.

Where I like Joo Sang Wook a lot Kim Hyun Joo is a less familiar face. Neither one of them was bad in their acting but they didn’t really stand out either. Thus this drama had nothing to offer. After seeing the first episode I could already picture out how the rest of the drama would play out; her sickness would be put to a corner until the two get together and then just when they are happy together her symptoms will start to show. They’ll both be heartbroken and tears will be shed.

No thank you, I am saving myself from this sinking ship.

So why do dramas keep adding incurable diseases (or sicknesses in general) to their plot?

Yes, it adds impact and can, in some cases, really show off the actors’ skills but in my opinion it doesn’t make the plot good. Most times it’s an unnecessary addition and a distraction from the original plot. It just adds to the episode count and makes my blood pressure shoot up.


Oh if I could just change the thoughts of every kdrama writer out there I would remove this twist from your repertoire. Unfortunately I don’t think incurable diseases are going to disappear any time soon from dramas. Sigh.

What’s the cliché you hate most of all?


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