Rurouni Kenshin


A former legendary assassin Kenshin Himura got tired of killing and became a vagrant. He vows to not kill again. When he meets Kaoru whose family owns a now run down kendo school. When a drug dealer threatens the calm town and Kaoru’s school, will Kenshin be able to keep his promise to not take up the sword again?

“Live by the sword, die by the sword. There’s no other way for us.”

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The music was great and the fighting scenes captivating so all in all an impressive movie. Still, the plot left me yearning for something stronger than just a man’s conviction not to kill. The “romance” was barely even hinted at and didn’t develop at all in my opinion. 

The acting was ok, Sato Takeru was cute but his character was pretty emotionless. As this is based on a manga that I haven’t read I can’t compare this to it. After finishing I’m left to wander how this movie series can have two more installments… For me this movie didn’t have character development and it only focused on the fighting scenes. I was left disappointed by the hype that this series has around it.




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