Currently Watching; 1% of Anything (1%의 어떤 것)

Before the remake of this classic drama from 2003 gets here, let’s look back on the original one.

One day Da Hyun (Kim Jung Hwa) meets an old man on the train. She gives him her seat and helps him carry his bag. Touched by her actions the old man, who in reality is the owner of a big company, leaves his inheritance to the man who marries Da Hyun. His grandson Jae In is furious; now if he wants his inheritance he has to marry Da Hyun. Unfortunately the two hate each other from the start. They start to contract date with the goal of Jae In getting back what belongs to him.

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Lee Jae In (Kang Dong Won) is a quick-tempered and rude man. He always yells no matter where he is. Street, coffee shop or the office. He scares everyone at his office with his fits of rage. They always leave his office in a horrible mess and hiss underlings cursing his name.

He can’t believe the fact that his grandfather would have left his inheritance to a complete stranger and thus believes that Da Hyun is a nine tailed fox that seduced and conned his grandpa. Still he has to get Da Hyun to co-operate with him because his cousin Tae Ha is also after the company.

Da Hyun is a school teacher. She isn’t interested in money and loves to help people. She hates Jae In but in order to help one of her students she agrees to date him for 10 months.

She requires a written agreement because she doesn’t trust him.

Unknowingly she still keeps in touch with the grandfather she met in the train and complains about Jae In’s horrible personality.

As a second couple we have Da Hyun’s childhood friend and Jae In’s cousin. When Hyun Jin was just a child she was beaten by her father. When Da Hyun saw it she took her away and she has lived with her and her family since. Tae Ha is also after the inheritance. However he falls for Hyun Jin, who is now a doctor.

With time Da Hyun and Jae In’s bad tempers and arguments bring the couple closer. Jae In becomes extremely jealous of every man around Da Hyun. Slowly his sweetness starts to melt Da Hyun’s heart but can the two be together?

It’s been years since I watched this, but if I remember correctly I really liked this drama. It had it’s faults but the romance between Da Hyun and Jae In was lovely and had time to develop. With a total of 26 episodes this drama was long but it didn’t disappoint me even in the end.

What I still remember is the time Da Hyun and Jae In spent in cafe’s and his drinking habits. The two always sat at a coffee shop with untouched juice in front of them. Then when Jae In got upset about something he sucked on the straw and Da Hyun rolled her eyes.


I’m never going to forget his face when he did this.

Jae In was always exceedingly jealous; he would hit the table, yell and then drag Da Hyun away. He never hesitated to voice his opinion. Da Hyun was left behind to apologize and explain to the police officers that he wasn’t going to hurt her…

The remake is set to start airing in October and I’m looking forward it! I’m hope that they won’t just copy the original but can add their own touch to it!



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