Currently Watching; On the Way to the Airport (공항 가는 길)


Wow! This drama has me completely intrigued!

Choi Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul) is a flight attendant. She is married to a pilot (Shin Sung Rok) and they have a daughter together. Seo Do Woo (Lee Sang Yoon) is an architect who married Kim Hye Won (Jang Hee Jin) who already had a daughter, Annie. The two were very close and loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. One day Annie dies in an accident and Seo Do Woo’s life crumbles. During this difficult time he meets Soo Ah and the two become close.

This drama is one those dramas that even though they don’t have a flashy plot or flower boys to steal our attention, they grab it and fill us with so much emotion that we’ll stay glued to our screens.

Seo Do Woo is a loving father and he has a close relationship to his daughter. Although she studies and lives abroad he calls her often and makes sure to know everything she likes and dislikes.

When Annie dies he makes sure to take care of her the best he can. He is troubled by his expressionless wife who claims that she only wants to forget her. More on that later…

Soo Ah sends her daughter to study abroad too even though it breaks her heart. Her husband, Jin Seok, made the decision for the family. She gets to know Do Woo who happens to be the father of her daughter roommate. He comforts her that she will be ok.

After Annie’s death she can’t help but to bring her own daughter back to Korea. When she hears that Annie’s mom would like to get rid of all of her belongings she helps Do Woo and ships them to Korea. She meets him on the flight and after her back gets lost they wait for it to arrive together at the airport. Quickly the two start to become attracted to each other.

“Do you think this is possible between a married man and a woman?”

The most simple way to describe these two is that they are warm people. Unfortunately, they got married to their opposites. Their spouses are cold and unfeeling compared to them. For example Jin Seok is sending his wife memos about their daughter and can’t wait to send her abroad. Do Woo’s wife is, at least in my opinion, guilty of their daughter’s death and doesn’t want anything to do with her, her stuff or her memory.


You’re really coming off as the bad guys.

We’re not completely in on what happened to Annie but the last person she spoke to was her mom and let’s just say that I’m sure it wasn’t to say that she loved her….

It’s clear that Do Woo wants to be there for his wife but her reactions and heartless attitude towards everything that has to do with their daughter is impossible for him to endure. Where he is trying to find out what happened and give her a proper burial she coldly tells him to just leave her ashes abroad and renovates her old room to a library.

She is so mean towards her own daughter that it makes me feel bad towards Annie; she didn’t do anything to deserve such a woman in her life. I’m also wondering what Do Woo ever saw in her…. Well, the same goes for Soo Ah too as her husband just seems more and more like a jerk with every episode.

Now even as I say this I can’t help but love this drama. The dialogue and story are well written; even such a sad story doesn’t come off as something just to make you cry but the relationships and the developing affair between Soo Ah and Do Woo are starting to build up and become interesting. We’re starting to focus on just them, and I love it.

I’m very curious to see whether their relationship will actually develop into something more. It is being implied; they are hiding each other from their spouses and to a degree their talks are about the things they can’t talk to anyone else about. They find each other comfortable and I think that they’re a better fit for each other than their spouses are.

“Let’s not define what our relationship is. “I like you”, “I love you” or “I hate you”, we won’t say any of that. If it’s vague it lasts longer.”

This drama evokes so much conflicting emotions. In one hand I hope that Soo Ah and Do Woo can find some kind of happiness together and that Jin Seok and Hye Won will get some kind of karma come their way. But as I’m hoping that things will end well for our main leads, I remember that they’re both married. The thrill of having an affair is shadowed by the actual chemistry they share and the comfort they are to each other. They’re perfect together!! Such a paradox.

So why is this drama so captivating? The relationships between spouses, families, fathers, daughters and mothers. Even though the setting is sad at the beginning, it’s more of an emotional void that needs to be filled; not endless crying scenes. Do Woo’s daughter was the one that brought them together. We get to see that life goes on no matter how hard it may be. We change in the process and learn more about ourselves, maybe we’ll even learn how to be happy.



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