Love 020 (Movie)


One day Xiao Nai (Jing Boran) sees Bei Wei Wei (Angela Baby) playing an online game. He becomes interested on her and proposes to her in the game. The two start falling in love and soon plan to meet in person.

Obviously this is the movie version of the same novel as the drama Just One Smile is Very Alluring , so I can’t help but to make some comparisons.

The story was very similar to the movie but it didn’t include as much background info or extra scenes since the movie is only about two hours long.

The acting and characters were sweet but Xiao Nai was the most different. In the drama he is more calculating and smart; here he was pretty much like any other guy. Of course he was popular but not to the same degree as the drama Xiao Nai.

The game scenarios were just as amazing as in the drama and the romance was sweet. Still if I was made to choose I would pick the drama over the movie. For me Xiao Nai was more appealing in the drama and I loved the way the romance had time to develop naturally. In the end, not bad but not great either.


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