Currently Watching; Shopping King Louie (쇼핑왕 루이)

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Ever since his parents died in an accident Ji Seong, or Louie, has been living far away from his grandmother who adores him. He is sheltered from everything and his only joy in life is shopping. When his grandmother gets sick and he travels back to Korea to see her. On the way he has a car accident and loses his memory. Fortunately he meets Go Bok Shil who takes him in and cares for him.

Louie (Seo In Guk) is known as the king of shopping. He’s been always lonely and buying and spending is his only joy. Once he enters a store the limited editions and best goods speak to him and ask him to buy them.

Louie is not a typical spoiled brat, even though he has his name embroidered in his underwear along with diamonds. He is caring and extremely naive in some ways.

Despite his  luxurious life he is like a prisoner in his own house. He can’t go out when it’s raining and is protected from everything that can harm him in any way. Behind this is his grandmother and her protectiveness. She loves him like no other; for example when her precious gets a bloody nose she falls from bed in shock.

Helping grandma to protect Louie is Butler Kim.

Butler Kim knows everything about his dear young master Louie. His body measurements, likes and dislikes, everything. He patiently explains everything he doesn’t understand and takes care of his every need. He chases him around to get him to drink his healthy herbal tea, drives him to shopping and is by his side. So sweet!

No matter how sweet the drama is the first episode remains the best one for me; Louie before his amnesia and Butler Kim’s dedication to his young master are just heartwarming. The two are just too hysterical together!

 I can’t wait that these two are reunited.

Bok Shil (Nam Ji Hyun) lives in a rural area. When her grandmother dies she travels to Seoul to look for her little brother that ran away.

Instead of her brother she finds the confused Louie wearing her brother’s jacket. She decides to take care of him until his memory returns because to her it’s clear that the two have met at some point.

Please take care of me!

Both Bok Shil and the after the memory loss Louie are extremely naive people who get scammed easily. They get scammed out of their money but pull through together. Even though Louie spends all off Bok Shil’s hard-earned money she never abandons him. She takes care of his meals and him even though she is just as clueless (or maybe even more) about the world as he is.

They start to live together; Bok Shil cooks and teaches Louie the basics off life that he never had to learn when he was treated like a king. In return, Louie promises to protect her and find her brother for Bok Shil.

Needless to say that the two fall in love. Even to the shopping king Bok Shil was a unique item. After living with Bok Shil for a while Louie declares that the only person Bok Shil can cook for is him. He claims her as his and refuses to let go.

The two are sweet together. They have a very symbiotic relationship; they take care of each other no matter what.

But no drama would be complete without a second lead.

Cha Joong Won (Yoon Sang Hyun) works at Louie’s grandmother’s department store. After meeting Bok Shil he slowly falls for her and is tortured by the idea of her and Louie living together.

Even though I like Yoon Sang Hyun I think that his character is not very appealing. He is left completely in the shadow of Louie and his relationship with Bok Shil.

Shopping King Louie is a hilarious romantic comedy that will make you fall of your chair. Louie is a lost puppy who will steal your heart (and money) with his antics!


He makes everyone into his maids and butlers without realizing and gets away with everything with a sad look. His cuteness is intoxicating!

His new best friend is the job seeking Jo In Sung.

Yes, you read the name right! Laughs :)) Jo In Sung is the wisest and coolest person to Louie.

We’re already pretty far into the drama and Louie’s family is closing in on finding him. What happens to the couple when everything is revealed?


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