Currently Watching; Proud of Love


He Zhi Zhou transfers into a new school and is welcomed by a group of friends. Together they enter an old school building but who would have guessed that he ends up switching bodies with Shen Xi, the girlfriend of the most popular male on campus. How will the two fare?

Oh the old-fashioned body swap how I have missed you! This old but always so hilarious cliché doesn’t fail no matter how many times it is remade. Now let’s meet the poor souls in question!


He Zhi Zhou (Tong Meng Shi) is rich and arrogant. He wants to keep a low profile at his new school but Shen Xi interferes with his plans.

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Shen Xi (Sung Vivian) is simple and goofy. Her whole life revolves around her life long crush Lin Yu Tang.


Unfortunately for them He Zhi Zhou and Shen Xi swap souls. Previously so arrogant and rude male turns into a little puppy that is always following his Tang Tang around and the before so love stricken girl turns into an independent woman who can’t get away from Tang Tang fast enough.


Like always in body switching dramas the change in our main leads characters is hilarious. As they try to survive in each others bodies they have to face many problems such as going to the toilet, showering, periods and wearing a bra.


My breasts! Where are they?!

Hilariously the two try their best at their new lives and work together. They survive but leave people around them confused about their sexual orientation and sudden change. They try to find a way to get back their own bodies; Shen Xi watches Secret Garden and He Zhi Zhou believes in cold science.


To add to the witty mix is this group of friends.

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We have Tang Tang (Guan Hong) the smart and devoted caretaker boyfriend of Shen Xi.



Hou Zhen Quan and Bao Bao or Strong Man are a dumber and dumber combination of young men that want girlfriends.

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They have their own club and soon Shen Xi in He Zhi Zhou’s body becomes their admired boss.

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Maybe a kiss would do the trick?

This short drama (an episode is 20 mins long) is perfect turn your brain off humor to help you relax and laugh until you can’t breathe!


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