Currently Watching; 1% of Anything (1%의 어떤 것) (2016)


The remake is finally here!

1% of Anything is the remake of the 2003 drama of the same name that starred Kim Jung Hwa and Kang Dong Won. Read the currently watching article for the original here!

I’m usually very hesitant about remakes; they normally don’t live up to the original one at all. After the first episode of this remake I was let down but I’m so glad that I checked the second one because it got me hooked!

So the premise is almost the same; One day Da Hyun (Jeon So Min) helps an old man who gets hurt in the woods. She takes him to the hospital and pays for it. What she doesn’t know that the man is actually the president of SH Group. He changes his will so that the one to inherit his fortune is the man who marries Da Hyun. This forces his grandson Jae In (Ha Suk Jin) to date her.

Like in the original Jae In is not a liked boss. He has a short temper but his rage is nothing compared to the Jae In Kang Dong Won played. Jae In is a workaholic that believes money is the most important thing.

I like the way they  changed his character from 2003. In the first episode they tried to make him the same Jae In from 2003 but in the following episodes he is fresh. It’s like the writer finally forgot to try to push him into the same mold and gave him a soul of his own. He’s a perfect Jae In for this drama.

Jae In doesn’t ask for permission and does things his way. He doesn’t see the need to marry or spend time with Da Hyun so he takes her on dates to the company functions he has to attend. He is quite the playboy and doesn’t mind skinship in their relationship. What he doesn’t notice is himself changing and smiling more after meeting her.

Da Hyun is a sweet but fierce kindergarten teacher. She likes her job and is happy with her life. Thus she doesn’t think that she needs money or the inheritance from the president.

Her idol is Ji Su (Baek Seung Heon) who is an aspiring idol. She is the president of his fan club and knows him personally.

Of course Jae In and Da Hyun start of on the wrong foot. Jae In is sure that Da Hyun is a nine tailed fox that seduced his grandfather and Da Hyun is sure that Jae In is a con artist. The two dislike each other from the start and refuse to even consider the idea of getting married.

After a chase  Jae In convinces her to date him for six months and then they will part ways. The two agree to see each other at least once a week. As they spend more time together they start falling in love…

Like in the original version it is the grandpa that brought the two together. Now he doesn’t befriend Da Hyun but he has his own spy, Mr. Kang, who works with his grandson but reports everything back to him. When Jae In finds out about this I wouldn’t want to be Kang…

We also have Kim Hyung Min as Min Tae Ha, Jae In’s cousin and rival.

So do we have anything new? Yes.

Jae In and Da Hyun are both updated. They’re new and interesting. The story has a different speed and it looks like that Jae In’s past has some sort of family secret / tragedy waiting for us. Da Hyun’s family wants a herbalist as their son-in-law so maybe there’s going to be some friction there too…

What makes this a very worthwhile remake is the story and the good job the writers and actors are doing. The story is interesting and the relationship is quickly developing.  Jae In and Da Hyun’s bickering is like sweet banter they use to talk to each other and it makes you laugh. Jae In is still jealous and can’t stand Da Hyun meeting other men.

I just crashed her date and I’m not sorry.

1% of Anything is a fun and light romantic comedy that’ll capture your full attention. And what’s most important is Jae In’s deep voice and these classic juice drinking scenes;




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