Currently Watching; Mars – Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (Mars, But I Love You)


Rei (Fujigaya Taisuke) is a ladies man with a violent streak and Kira (Iitoyo Marie) is a silent painter. The two become friends when Kira asks Rei to pose for her painting. The two fall in love but can they be together and defeat their painful pasts?

This Japanese drama is a remake from the Taiwanese version from 2004.

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Rei is the most popular boy at their school and the dream boyfriend to every woman. He rides a motorcycle and doesn’t hesitate to use his fists when they’re needed -or when they’re not. He used to have a brother named Sei but he killed himself and left Rei traumatized.

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Kira is an introvert. She doesn’t have friends other than Rei. When she becomes his friend she starts to get bullied by other girls at school but she bears it all alone.

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Masao (Kubota Masataka) is a new transfer student. He knew Rei 3 years ago when his brother died and fell for him. He believes that Rei is the only person that can understand him and begins a mission to chance him back to what he was.

Finally it’s time for me to comment! I was really holding myself back here…

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This pic is a pretty accurate description of what I looked like after the first episode.

This whole drama is a big mess. There. I said it.

The actors look like high schoolers trying to imitate feelings and the original drama while failing horribly. If you read my CW/review of the original (find it here) you know that the original IS A CLASSIC for a reason. The emotions, plot and development of well, everything is perfectly balanced. The original is thought-provoking and touching where this is just an act.

The characters and plot don’t have a dark aura looming around them like the original. For example our main characters, Rei and Kira. Both are supposed to be extremely troubled but they’re like any other teenagers. Rei is not scary or violent, he’s not a man capable of killing, Kira is just a loner and Masao is made out to be a flower boy instead of a crazy man with an obsession with Rei.

This Japanese remake is just too sweet and pure. There’s no emotional build up, no strong emotions behind the characters or sweet and painful connection between them. This is horrible.

Please, I beg you, watch the original version and just forget that there even is a remake. This is a shame to the original.


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