Halloween Movie Recommendations


Halloween is here! It’s the time to be scared and staying awake through the night because you are sure that something just moved behind your window…

Last year I listed my Best Music Videos for Halloween. This year I wanted to carry on the tradition, but I don’t like scary movies, so what to write about? As Halloween is all about the unusual and scary and twisted why not write about what I love the most; psychological thrillers and everything twisted!

Here are some of my favorite movies that twist and show humans in a completely different light. Yes, they’re sick, violent and immoral, but at the same time they hold beauty in them. They make you doubt and gasp but in the end they leave you thinking about the message they deliver.

I tried to pick movies that deal are different and deal with unrelated themes, but with so many choices it was extremely difficult to pick the best ones… So here they are, the cream of the crop for your black hearts to enjoy this Halloween.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t realize this yet, viewer discretion is advised.

Let’s start easy.


Image result for pieta poster

Revenge. Love. Family.

Gang Do is a heartless loan shark. One day a woman appears before him and claims to be his mother who abandoned him when he was young.

This movie can’t be explained easily. It deals with revenge and family love amazingly and although it is not gruesome nor does it have a psychopath running wild, it is one of my favorite movies. It is controversial and has beautiful twists.

Read my review here  and see the trailer below.

Hard Romanticker


Dirty. Violent. Survive.

In Hard Romanticker a hard-boiled gangster named Gu (Matsuda Shota) gives us a merciless trip and lets us see the world completely differently.

This movie is violent and doesn’t give mercy. It has its own dark humour embedded into it and its refreshing; it’s characters are not people who you can sympathize with. They’re all bad through and through.

Read my review here and see the trailer below.

Lesson of the Evil

Image result for lesson of the evil poster

Excellent. Bloody. Psychotic.

Hasumin (Ito Hideaki) is a popular English teacher who has a hidden dark side to him. He manipulates and kills his students and one day he snaps.

Lesson of the Evil is a movie from Takashii Mike and those of you who know his works, this tells you a lot. Lesson of the Evil is like the title says, a lesson of the evil. No matter what you can never really know what another person is hiding behind his smiling and caring smile. This movie gives its watcher a thrill and gore like no other. Personally I love this movie and it is one of my favorites.



Extreme. Deranged. Gory.

Well now that we have seen Lesson of the Evil we can take it up a notch. And let me remind you again that this movie is not suitable for everyone.

Killers is a story about a psychopath, Nomura, who kills women and films it. He then uploads them online. One day he finds a video uploaded by Bayu who watches his films. Nomura sets out to befriend Bayu.

Killers doesn’t dodge away from anything. It dotes violence and murder. It is twisted, sick, bloody, completely out of its mind, and yet captivating.

Read my review here and find the trailer below.

Brain Man

Where the last two movies have been bloody, Brain Man takes a different approach to psychopaths.

While investigating random explosion cases the police arrest Ichiro Suzuki (Ikuta Toma) as a suspect. While interrogating they discover that he doesn’t have any human emotions and that he too is a killer.

Brain Man twists what we believe to be evil. It makes us question emotions and actions; what makes us good? Is it the way we behave or what we do? Can a killer be a good person? Can they be forgiven?

Brain Man has actions and blood in it but it also has a more psychological side to it that captures the viewer completely with its humanity and its lack of it.

Old Boy

Image result for oldboy korean poster

Classic. Exceptional. Degenerate.

Oh Dae Su is locked up in a room for 15 years without knowing why. When he is finally released he is given five days to figure out who imprisoned him and why.

Oldboy is a classic and for a reason. It is an absolutely twisted movie about getting revenge. With no good guys and only violence and blood left this movie gives the ultimate twist in the end that is sure to leave you silent for a long while.


Image result for 뫼비우스

Depraved. Sadistic. Wicked.

I saved the mentally most torturing one for last…. Moebius is a silent movie from the brilliant director Kim Ki Duk. It tells the story of a family that falls apart after the father has an affair. As a result the mother tries to cut of his penis but fails. she then goes into their sons room.

Moebius is just f**ked up. It will make you feel sick and question your sanity for watching this movie, but it is also troubling and sad. It deals with a family after falling apart and the horrible things they have to do to feel whole again.

Now turn your lights off and enjoy.


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