Currently Watching; The Man Living in Our House (우리집에 사는 남자)


Everything in life is going great for Hong Na Ri (Soo Ae); she is getting married soon and she is happy with her life. Then she gets a call from her uncle who tells her that her mother passed away. When she returns to her house a few years later after she finds out that her fiancée was cheating on her, she finds a young man (Kim Young Kwang) at her house. He then tells her that he married her mom before she died and is her stepfather.

I looooooovveeee the premise of this show. Well, not the fact that our leading lady gets cheated on (which I think she handled perfectly) but that we something so uncommon and almost taboo as our premise. And let me tell you, this show did not disappoint and had me enamored in the first episode!

This drama is so cute so be prepared for a lot of pictures and laughs!


Even though I was suspicious about Soo Ae playing a main lead, I am really liking Hong Na Ri. She is a regular woman who is contented with what she has. She likes her job and loves her husband to be but when need be she can really stand up for herself. She is not violent but has a real way with words.


She loved her mother and trusts her. Thus even though she is suspicious of Nan Gil she also trusts him because he is the man her mother chose.


Nan Gil is the mysterious young man who now runs Na Ri’s mom restaurant and owns her land and house. He claims to be Na Ri’s father and takes care of her like she really was his daughter.


Whenever he wants to escape Na Ri’s questions about him or his relationship with her mother his go to sentence is “I have to go knead dough.” And these scenes give him a good chance to show of his muscles…

Even though he is extremely reluctant to answer Na Ri’s questions, he loves the idea of having a family. Every time Na Ri calls him father he smiles like he just saw the sun for the first time.


Nan Gil loves to take on the role of a father. He nags to her about her health and eating, tries to keep her out of trouble and saves her. He loves to speak down to people around Na Ri and baffles them with his fatherly questions.


Nan Gil in father mode.

Na Ri: “How did you know I went to the ER?”
Nan Gil: “I called him.”
Dong Jin: “Ah.. so you’re the one who called… but did you just use banmal (talk down) to Na Ri…?”
Na Ri:”Who gave you his number? (speaking politely to him) Did you go through my phone?”
Dong Jin: “What’s going on here?”

The relationship between Na Ri and Nan Gil comes with so many funny and unexpected situations that I’m always laughing. Nan Gil shines as a father and Na Ri is a real daddy’s daughter.


Their relationship might have started off cold and with suspicion but Na Ri quickly starts to melt. She sees that Nan Gil genuinely cares for her and her mother and wants no harm to her. He keeps fighting against everyone trying to take away or buy their house without giving up.

Still the mystery surrounding him is no joke. We really know nothing about him. We’re only given hints and I’ve got countless theories about his past.

Is he a gangster that grew a heart after meeting Na Ri’s mom?


Personally, I love your tats.

Is he the son of the creditor who is the childhood love of Na Ri and married her mother in order to save them from the debt?

And many more… to summarize them all I can’t figure out why he married Na Ri’s mom and is now trying to keep everything hidden…. But please, please, I am begging you please don’t give Nan Gil some sort of disease.


Like I said in Drop It Like It’s Hot! I hate incurable diseases in dramas… In this case I am suspecting that Nan Gil is having panic attacks or something similar because a male lead isn’t a proper male lead without some kind of baggage.

Anyway I remain positive because of Nan Gil’s character and his acting skills. He is adorable in his expressions no matter what he is doing.

He can be silly…



…and scary.


All the while being gorgeous.

Now moving on to our second lead.


Deok Bong (Lee Soo Hyuk) is after the land that is now Nan Gil’s in order to build a resort. He doesn’t shy away from trying to manipulate and plant doubts into Na Ri’s head about Nan Gil…

He comes off as a really cold character. I don’t know whether if it is the way he dresses or the his face I just can’t use to him.


He also has a little sister who is a little creepy. She secretly takes pictures of Nan Gil and breaks into their house. She stands over Nan Gil and locks Na Ri in a basement……… I don’t know what to say….

Na Ri’s ex Dong Jin (Kim Ji Hoon) had an affair with Na Ri’s hoobae and now is dating her.


Do Yeo Joo (Jo Bo Ah) is a sly witch. She is insincere and only knows how to act to attract men. There really is nothing positive about her character.


Although the romance is only slowly developing now this drama has so much more to offer than its romance. The plot is intriguing and sweeps its watcher away. The mystery, humor and relationship between a stepfather and daughter are so enjoyable to watch. All these and the chemistry the main leads have together make this into a drama that will capture your heart right away.


I know that was a lot of pictures but sometimes a picture can tell more than a thousand words. Now…


You, what are you still waiting for?


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