Currently Watching; When a Snail Falls in Love


Xu Xu (Wang Olivia) is a psychology graduate that is assigned into the Major Crimes Division despite failing her physical exam. Captain Ji (Wang Kai) doesn’t like her getting into his division by not following the rules and tries to get her kicked out. Slowly he starts to realize her usefulness and falls in love with her. However just when Xu Xu starts to reciprocate his feelings the  dormant Angel’s Killer reappears.

Xu Xu is a quiet observer. She can tell a lot of a person just by watching them for a while. She loves to draw in her notebook as she thinks and often imagines people in animal form. For example her new unit is made of a rhino, old goat, a monkey and more.

These characters are so cute!

She is called a snail because of her slowness and quiet nature, behind that she is extremely intelligent. With a warm heart she cares for her friends and teammates.

Captain Ji, or third brother, is more determined than his department’s chief. In reality many think of him as being in charge and if you want to stay in Major Crimes Division you have to follow his rules.

He is known as a legend that is still in the police force and is respected and trusted like a master by those under and above him. He is extremely dedicated to his profession and can solve a case with a cool head no matter who the victim is.

Like the name suggests the romance is starting to develop slowly. We can see many hints of it but our main characters aren’t aware of their feelings yet. Still these two are cute together; Captain Ji is so manly. He’s so tall and strong (I mean he is over a head taller than Xu Xu) and Xu Xu is small, he can just pick her up and move her. I can’t wait till he starts falling for her for real and protecting her…

When a Snail Falls in Love is yet another great crime romance drama from Ding Mo. The writer also wrote my beloved Love Me if You Dare. It’s no surprise that this drama reminds me of Love Me if You Dare. The style and music are very similar. They both have the same dark and mysterious feeling to them and people solving gruesome murders and falling in love in the process. They both also have a smart main lead although the gender is reversed.

This drama and other recent ones are really making me fall in love with Chinese dramas. I love the concept of solving murders when it is well made and here it is. To add in we have a smart main lead (a plus) and romance (squeal)!

So for I am loving this drama and its characters. Even though Xu Xu is a quiet character our main leads have great chemistry. The two are made for each other; I’m so excited to see how their romance is going to develop!

In summary When a Snail Falls in Love seems to be another hit. It has a great mixture of romance, crime and thrill!


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