Currently Watching; Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (낭만닥터 김사부)

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Both Kand Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Yoon Seo Jeong (Seo Hyun Jin) work their buts of to become doctors. However due to unfortunate circumstances they end up in a hospital in the middle of nowhere. There they meet an oddball doctor, Kim Sa Bu (Han Seok Kyu) and begin to chance.


Wow. I’m always a little suspicious about medical dramas; they can go wrong so easily… The first episode of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was all over the place. At first we had a regular medical drama with lots of blood and patients. Then we moved onto romance, heated romance may I add, and then melodrama. I was at a loss and almost dropped this.

But, but, but then the second episode hit me. Then I was at a loss for words for completely other reasons and now I’m waiting for each new episode, here’s why.

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Firstly, Yoo Yeon Seok is just so cute in his seriousness. Although the reason why he became a doctor is not the most original, Dong Joo is a great character.

At first he is so adamant in his beliefs. His father’s death left such a strong impression on him that he can’t ignore anyone who needs help. He only does what he believes is right and hates the hierarchy society and the hospital have.

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Dong Joo five years later and still looking good.

Five years later he is a changed man. He’s grown tired of the constant fight against people above him and wants to be recognized. His skills have become known but he is still pushed down by those who have connections. So, he in a desperate attempt to gain recognition he takes on a surgery that could make him known. His patient dies and he is sent to the run down (and scary looking) Doldam hospital.

Our second Oh Hae Young, no I mean Yoon Seo Jeong used to be Dong Joo’s sunbae when they both worked in Seoul. After her boyfriend died in a car accident she disappeared.

In Seoul Seo Jeong used to be a dedicated doctor. She did all she could to save her patients and captured Dong Joo’s attention quickly.

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Dong Joo kissed her (yes, in the first episode) and confessed his feelings to her. Again, yes, in that order. =)

Dong Joo; “I want to date you.”
Seo Jeong; “I told you that I’m seeing someone and we’re in a serious relationship!”
Dong Joo; “And I want to sleep with you.”
Seo Jeong; “What? What did you just say?”
Dong Joo; “I like you, sunbae. I want to sleep with you.”

I think I might have watched too many dramas as my jaw dropped when this happened. This in itself was such a rare occurrence in kdramas but also the heat of the kiss and the actual attraction they managed to build already in the first episode captured my attention. It is no joke.

Now back to Seo Jeong. After five years she is trying to work at Doldam hospital. After the accident she and her boyfriend had she hurt her wrist and she now suffers from shakes. She also has from episodes where she hears her boyfriends voice and sees him. Then she becomes suicidal.

I was surprised to see such a serious topic here. Seo Hyun Jin does such a good job at acting her part that it was almost scary. She feels a definite attraction towards Dong Joo but due to her guilty conscience she can’t make move on. The attraction is there, strong, and it isn’t going away.

Kim Sa Bu is a doctor who doesn’t care about anything else than saving his patient’s life. He’s the mysterious man who helps Seo Jeong and has an important connection to Dong Joo’s past. I’m guessing that he is also some sort of legend in the medical circles.

So why is Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim so good even if you’re not into medical dramas?

The relationship between our main leads is great. They have great amounts of sexual tension between them and also deep care for each other. In addition they both have issues; Dong Joo needs to accept himself like he is and stop aiming for the top unnecessarily. Seo Jeong needs to stop blaming herself and forgive herself. And the two need to get together. Also, Dong Joo is just adorable with his lost expression and puppy eyes.

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This dramas best point is the relationship between our main characters and the heavier topics it addresses. In the beginning I was so close to dropping this but I’m glad that I didn’t. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim has strong possibilities to become an amazing drama, hopefully it’ll stay on its path to success.


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