Bounty Hunters


Sooooo, this is usually when I tell you what the plot of the movie was but as I still can’t tell what it was I don’t know what to say. Basically this was about Lee Min Ho and some lady meeting. She liked him because he’s handsome (her actual words) and then they somehow became a team to catch some mad man who has absolutely nothing to do with them.

I don’t think that there actually was a clear plot when they started filming. I think they just thought of every single action cliché there was and just filmed them again. The is plain ridiculous and has some many holes in it it’s like a sieve.

The movie is clearly a high budget one without any clear content. It only offers ridiculous weapons and nonsense action. We’re constantly moving from one place to another (Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and then we’re in Korea again………)

The “team” is one more confusing thing to add to the list. There is no reason why they’re after the bad guy in the first place or why on earth they actually started working together and trusting each other. They’re (well at least the boss) well off and only shop and stay in suites with a beach view so why would they risk their lives for nothing?? I think they just wanted to show off their fashion magazine looks. Seriously, they don’t even bleed after fighting, their lipstick doesn’t smudge nor does their hair move.

The whole movie is one big runway.

The movie was such a mess that I watched it to the end just to see what they could come up with. In the end I can honestly say that this is the worst movie that I have ever watched. The only ones who can enjoy this in any way are Lee Min Ho fans who can just stare at his face and not pay attention to anything else. Still be warned; he is dubbed over.


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