Phantom Detective (탐정 홍길동: 사라진 마을)

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After years Hong Gil Dong (Lee Je Hoon) has finally found his enemy but as he arrives he finds a house with two kids whose grandfather got kidnapped. He promises to find their grandfather, his enemy, and takes them with him promising to find him within the hour. Little does he know that their grandfather is a part of a bigger scheme.


Phantom Detective is a heart thumping mixture of action and crime. Hong Gil Dong is a detective who lies at the same rate he breathes.

He can be the most caring guy and his smile will win you over in seconds but in reality he doesn’t have a problem torturing or killing people in order to reach his goal.

Lee Je Hoon did a fantastic job portraying him. He can look so warm one second and the next he’s either shooting people or waving around gardening scissors soaked in blood.

In the end I don’t think he was a completely bad guy…. or was he…. I can’t decide.

“It’s impossible for a man like him to have friends. It’s difficult for him to like other people because in his heart, there’s a bruise. Years ago he saw his mother’s death. Since then he became a bit abnormal. Don’t know if it’s related to that or if there’s something else. There’s a problem with his brain; he cannot process fear. In short, he’s fearless.”

No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t ignore the two girls, Dong Yi and Mal Soon. Both child actors were great but Mal Soon stole my heart with the younger sister. Her cheeks and bravery were no joke.

The movie’s plot was, surprisingly, outstanding. Hong Gil Dong’s narration and the dark atmosphere of the movie accompanied by the eerie music make this a masterpiece not to be missed.

Welcome to the dark side.


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