Currently Watching; Legend of the Blue Sea (푸른 바다의 전설)


A mermaid (Jeon Ji Hyeon) comes onto land for the first time ever. She meets Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) who is brilliant con man. She doesn’t know how to survive or to act so he starts to look after her.

Everybody stop!

I am so surprised by the first two episodes! I don’t know if it’s because I held no expectations towards this drama but it’s actually good! The plot and the acting are wonderful and well established. I might have another new favorite here.

Joon Jae is a suave con artist. He is a master with both words and capturing a lady’s heart. He is smart but doesn’t shy away from using his looks to get the outcome he wants. He can hypnotize people with his lighter (which is actually much cooler than what it sounds like, believe me) and is good at reading people.

He believes himself to be the best in looks, intelligence and physical power. Although he can con people out of their money and steal without loosing his sleep over it, he can’t ignore the beautiful, helpless woman that stumbles upon him.

Our mermaid is innocent and sweet. She doesn’t know anything about the world around her and is complete lost. Despite being a little slow she is brave and starts defending and  believing in Joon Jae very quickly.

I was surprised (again) by how good the main leads were at their roles and how funny this drama turned out to be. It is much better than I expected. Lee Min Ho’s English is actually praise worthy but Jeon Ji Hyeon’s silliness outshines that.


She doesn’t know how to dress, how to eat or to talk before she discovers the internet.

I stay up the whole night for Ji Sub oppa too…

The attraction is there between our couple. They might even be fated to be together as Joon Jae is the reborn version of our mermaid’s past love.

The past Joon Jae was very similar to the modern one. He also saved her and couldn’t resist her charm. I’m both excited and worried about how they’re going to tie the past to the present. It can go great and be a great add to the drama or it can go very wrong….

To help Joon Jae in his work he has a team consisting of Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) and a hacker named Tae Oh (Shin Won Ho from Cross Gene).

I would love to see more of the team and their cons in the future. I hope that they’re not going to forget that Joon Jae is a con man and turn him into something else. Even better if our mermaid would join him but I think that’ll stay as my dream…

It’s no surprise that Legend of the Blue Sea is already making waves. With its Hallyu star cast and writer it is gathering lots of viewers both in Korea and abroad. Does it live up to the hype? So far yes, but we have 18 more episodes to go.

Min Ho; “I can’t believe you’re not trusting me!”

Me; “I am trying but it’s better to be positively surprised than completely crushed!”

Let’s hope that Legend of the Blue Sea will actually become a legend with its own power and not just ride the fame of its main cast.

Read a review for the drama here.


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