Currently Watching; Oh My Geum Bi (오 마이 금비)


Geum Bi (Heo Jung Eun) is a bright girl. After her aunt runs away she finds her father with the address she left behind. Hwi Cheol (Oh Ji Ho) is a swindler. After his latest con failed he is facing prison time. Suddenly a daughter he never knew existed appears and tells the judge that she wants to live together with her father. Will she melt his cold heart?

Our Geum Bi is a smart girl. Despite her young age she is almost independent and every morning she goes trough Seoul’s subway stations as an exercise. Despite having never met her father before she bravely walks into the court room and asks to stay with him. So, he is forced to take care of her but not willingly.

Hwi Cheol is a con man who has never cared for anyone else. He has always looked after his own interest and now that he is all of a sudden face to face with a reality where he needs to look after someone else he is more than lost. He wants nothing more than to send Geum Bi to an orphanage but when that day arrives he finds himself reluctant to do so…

The relationship between this father-daughter duo is very unusual. They’re more like bickering friends that are forced to live together. They occasionally show their care for each other but most of the time they bicker.

As the story progresses we can start to see Hwi Cheol’s heart starting to melt but who can blame him? Heo Jung Eun is absolutely adorable. She is a sacrificing daughter who is willing to give her small portion of food to him and disappear from his side if that’s what it takes. She sincerely cares for him and I think that that is starting to get to him; for the first time he has someone who wholeheartedly and unconditionally loves him.

However (I hate that there always is a but or however…), there is one secret that Geum Bi is keeping from her father. She is sick. She has disease called Niemann-Pick Disease Type C. Here’s the disease in a nutshell so you don’t have to scratch your heads;


I know you’re crushed, I was too. Our Geum Bi is going to lose control of her body and mind… Lately there have been too many dramas focused on sicknesses…. Oh, Hwi Cheol I can already feel the pain you’re going to go through.

Kang Hee (Park Jin Hee) comes into the duo’s life after Hwi Cheol’s fails to scam her, falls for her and after she falls for Geum Bi. She used to have a daughter and now after meeting Geum Bi she soon becomes attached to her.

Once again I am sucker punched by a drama. I had time to fall for Geum Bi and her somewhat dysfunctional relationship with her father. Then they throw sickness into my face and I’m paralyzed. Should I keep watching or not?

I really like this drama so far and the relationships between the characters. Oh My Geum Bi definitely has a great plot, excluding the sickness, and it has humor and love… What should I do?


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