Currently Watching; Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (역도요정 김복주)


Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) is a weightlifting student at Hanoel College of Physical Education. At school she reconnects with Jung Joon Hyeong (Nam Joo Hyuk) and the two become friends. They both suffer from great pressure and have their own troubles but maybe they can beat them together and fall in love too..?

Kim Bok Joo is a feisty girl who does things her way. She believes that what is on the inside is more important than looks or popularity. She is serious about her sport and looks after her friends. She’s a funny girl who doesn’t take herself or her appearances too seriously. She loves to eat and have fun with her friends. If somebody speaks bad about her or her friends her temper doesn’t easily let them get away with it.

This is how food should be enjoyed.

“People ask me why I became a weightlifter. My dad took me to a weightlifting stadium when I was 10 years old and I strangely liked the metallic smell of the barbell. That’s when I decided to become a weightlifter too.”

I like Bok Joo’s character a lot. She is not a stereotype of a woman. She has a temper, her own will and curves, and most importantly, she is confident and proud of who she is! She didn’t choose an easy sport for a woman but weightlifting fits her so well that I couldn’t see her doing any other sport.

Jung Joon Hyeong is a swimmer that is close to being the best. He is fast but he suffers from tinnitus and hearing loss during competitions. This causes him to false start and becoming disqualified.

Joon Hyeong may seem like a relaxed guy but he uses humor to hide his pain. In reality he is a warm and caring but that is often left unnoticed. He is popular with girls because of his looks and he doesn’t hesitate to mention it, in reality he doesn’t care whether he is or not.

Jung Joon Hyeong loves to tease Kim Bok Joo. He makes fun of her, scares her and steal her food. Then he wonders why it is so fun to do so. He wants to help her and tries to hide his efforts behind his teasing. This often leads to Bok Joo showing off her fists and him laughing.

He cares for Bok Joo despite what everyone else thinks. When others are scared of her threats he bravely steps forward and teases her more. Despite getting hit a couple of times he doesn’t give up.

This couple is becoming my favorite. Jung Joon Hyeong and Kim Bok Joo are too adorable together. Joon Hyeong teases her away and Bok Joo is slowly learning to just accept it. They unknowingly help each other when they need help. When they’re together they are so playful. I hope that they get together soon!


…Bok Joo is currently crushing on Joon Hyeong’s brother… Yep, it must be true love because she keeps seeing him surrounded with some sort of light and on mountains etc. These kind of crushes never tend to last on dramaland and I’m glad for that.

Here’s another unfortunately for you. This girl, Song Shi Ho (Kyung Soo Jin) is the only thing I don’t like about this drama.

She is the ex girlfriend of Joon Hyeong. She dumped him in order to get ahead in her gymnastics career but now that that ship has sailed she returns to school and surprise surprise, she wants him back. I just can’t bear her. In the beginning I felt bad for her but when she started her (can I say this) begging I just gave up even trying to like her.

So should you give Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo a chance? YES.

This couple is just adorable no matter if they’re together or separate.

I like Bok Joo, I fancy Joon Hyeong in all his silliness and I love this drama.

See, Nam Joo Hyuk agrees with me.


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