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Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a goblin closing on thousand years of age. However he doesn’t want to be immortal anymore. In order to die he has to find his human bride who can finally release him from his curse.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is a bright girl who just happens to see ghost and everything else normal people don’t see. Every ghost she meets tells her that she is the goblin’s bride. Now that she finds her goblin what is going to do?

A grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who finally after 300 years of saving rents himself a house for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, it happens to be the house Kim Shin lives at. The two don’t get along but neither one is willing to leave.

Now please excuse me for fangirling but I have to scream!!!!! This show is so unexpectedly amazing!! I absoluuuuttelyy love the supernatural aspect of this show. Let me tell you why this show is so captivating.


Kim Shin is an old and powerful goblin. When he lived as a normal man he was a general for the king of Goryeo. When his power and popularity with the people started to become a threat to the king he had Kim Shin and his whole family killed. However he comes back alive as a goblin.


“The souls of your people are saving you. However, the blood of thousands are on your sword. The blood of your enemies, who were also descendants of deities. You shall be immortal and watch your loved ones die. You will not forget a single death. This is the award I give you and the punishment you shall receive. Only the goblin’s bride shall remove the sword. Once, the sword is removed you shall return to ash and be at peace.”

First he considered his immortality a blessing but later realized that it’s a curse. His loved ones die and he can’t forget any one’s death. He can come off as rude and unthoughtful. In reality he is a sad man who has lived too long. He has seen his family and friends being born and dying. He has been searching for his bride that can draw the sword that is still stuck in him away and then he’ll finally die and know peace.


“It’s my principle not to meddle with the life and death of mortals.”

He doesn’t believe in getting involved with people but one say he saves a woman from dying after she was in a hit and run accident. She was pregnant at the time….


Deok Hwa’s (Yook Sung Jae) family has served Kim Shin for generations. His forefather’s have been Kim Shin’s uncles, brothers, fathers and grandfathers. Deok Hwa is young and sometimes too carefree for his own good.


Eun Tak is someone who wasn’t meant to be born in to this world. She is the daughter of the woman Kim Shin saved years ago. Now she lives with her aunt who mistreats her.

“It’s awkward to tell you myself but I’m the goblin’s bride.”

She’s a loner because she sees things normal people don’t. Eun Tak believes herself to be the goblin’s bride and is extremely upset when Kim Shin says she isn’t. Still, she doesn’t give up and declares;

Eun Tak; “I made up my mind.”
Kim Shin; “What are you talking about?”
Eun Tak; “I’ll marry you. I really think you’re the goblin. I love you.”


Are these two meant to be? I think so. The romance is starting to blossom and it doesn’t seem that these two can escape what has been set to be their fate.

They’re already protecting each other and especially Kim Shin is falling for her.


“Does this book go with my outfit? I think she’ll keep on summoning me. I want to look intelligent and perfect whenever she does.”

He waits for her to summon him with books and CDs because he is worried that he doesnt’ look his best. He picks out Eric Nam’s CD and an LP, then he wonders if paintings would be better… Oh you’re too cute Kim Shin!

What I’m worried about is that this drama will end in tears when Eun Tak pulls the sword out of Kim Shin……. Please don’t break my heart.

Now let’s move onto my favorite part of this drama;

Who could it be?

Yes, you are right. It is the dark and mysterious grim reaper.


“What a vulgar hat you’re wearing.”

Not my words but they’re true. His hat also has a deeper meaning. It makes the dead recognize him when he wears it and hides him from humans when they’re not supposed to see him.


Our nameless grim reaper gives me goosebumps. With his peculiar personality and hat that can only be dry cleaned he is scary and lovable. Lee Dong Wook was made for this role with his empty gaze and cool mannerism.

He is a patient grim reaper who retrieves people’s souls after they’ve died. If they deserve it, he gives them tea to make them forget their lives. If they don’t get the tea they should be scared of what will follow;


“Oblivion is part of the blessing.
You (a bad guy) have to remember all the bad deeds you did. It’s not the first time you ran someone over. At first, you’ll regret not being able to drink this tea.
Next you’ll wonder why you weren’t given any.
Then you’ll realize that you can’t turn back time and that you’re already in the pits of doom. Your body will feel like it’s being torn to pieces. For each second of pain you’ll regret what you did but the pain will not stop.


He can say everything without blinking an eye. He is not forgiving nor does he feel sympathy for those who have died. The people who have died don’t often realize that they have died. After they see him with his cards they realize that they’re not alive. Otherwise they just continue on how they were living. I think that that is kind of comforting; they are in peace and he helps the people who deserve peace to move on calmly.

“People die even when they’re only 9 or 10. That’s what death is.”


I love your style. It is very grim reeper-ish.

What I wonder about him is that why he can’t find people if they move away. He has been after Eun Tak for 19 years….


“Forgive me.”
“I doubt I can do that. My boss is temperamental. (points up.)”

Still no matter how cold he may seem I don’t think that he is completely cold. He has a heart, even if it may be hidden.


Maybe this beautiful lady (Yoo In Na) will swoop in and melt his heart?


As the grim reaper lives together with Kim Shin now I hope that we’ll get to see some bromance too. Although now their interactions is not any less entertaining. The two tease and compete with each other continuously.


While he is sleeping Kim Shin changes his white bed sheets to a flowery one and makes him wear, I don’t even know what that is, a shower cap perhaps?


Is Goblin The Lonely and Great God worth checking out?


Our main lead maybe be still living a life of eternal suffering but the story is addicting. We have great characters as second leads and don’t let me even get started on their powers and special effects. They take my breath away. The first two episodes are especially long, about one hour and a half, but time will fly by with this great drama.


This may very well be my new Scarlet Heart. Goblin seems to have a well thought plot with a clear, exciting and fresh view and direction. Hopefully we’ll get an original and strong plot. With Kim Eun Sook as our writer, she has written Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity and Descendants of the Sun to name a few, we are promised witty dialogue and a big name cast.

I’ll need to make a wish and perhaps some deity will hear my wish that Goblin will only get better from now on…


What are you waiting for?

Read my review for the drama here.


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