Currently Watching; Behind Your Smile


Zhao Yi Ting (Chang Marcus) is plotting revenge against Lin Man. When her company fails and she disappears he sets his sight on her only daughter, Lei Xin Yu (Liu Eugenie). Will he be able to pull of his revenge when he starts falling for her?

Ok, some comments before I fill you in on the characters.

Firstly this is a Taiwanese drama so the episodes are long and the pace is slow. I wouldn’t have started this drama at all if I hadn’t read a plot description about it that was completely wrong and then heard the main song (more on that later). Still, this drama does surprisingly have some good points and I think that it is still salvageable.


Lei Xin Yu is trying her best to survive in the world and to climb up my list of most frustrating drama characters.

On her own she is helpless. She doesn’t understand the real world nor does she really try. She is beyond being naive; she thinks the best of everyone because it is too much work to suspect people. (Seriously, you have been just been abandoned by your mom, beaten by a group of people and when people are suddenly nice to you it doesn’t even cross your mind to be suspicious??!?!?)

After being left behind by her mom she is walking the streets and in true Taiwanese drama style everything that can go wrong happens to her. Still she remains positive and optimistic….


Lei Xin Yu also is extremely awkward. To be honest right now I can’t figure out why anyone would be attracted to her. All she does is turn away from people like a little girl, blink and stand still. Alongside calling her mother “mommy” she takes being naive to a whole new level; child level.

Now you ask me why I have watched this show if the female lead is driving me crazy. Two reasons.

The first reason is the theme song for this drama. The lyrics and what they promised were what got me so interested in this drama.

You don’t need to repent for him. Who does he think he is?
I will love you
Love is like mockery
Don’t accept his nonsense
I will be waiting.
How laughable is love?
It is he who turned love into a joke
It’s not that it can’t be given, it’s that he’s unworthy

And these lyrics bring me to my second reason. The male lead.


Look at his smile. It is basically screaming “I’m evil and cunning!”

The lyrics promise a selfish jerk who makes love into a mockery. I expected someone so horrible that they can’t be loved at all. Aaaand I almost got that.


There is nothing more Zhao Yi Ting wants than revenge. He has spent his life plotting the destruction of Lin Man and her company. He is a smart and manipulating man who doesn’t seem to regret anything.

“Someone needs to fix up a spoiled rich girl who knows nothing about human suffering.”

Gosh, I fell in love with his character after these words. Dramas have showed us countless of rich girls and boys who know nothing about human suffering. I was excited to see if he actually could “fix” someone like that.

So he approaches Lei Xin Yu just to get her to fall in love with him. He is engaged (pretty much forced to be) and shamelessly uses her jealousy to get her to hate and make life hard for Lei Xin Yu.


The only time he smiles is when his schemes work.

His devious and manipulating nature is what I love most about him. He doesn’t even try to hide it; we can see him smiling like he has just seen the sun for the first time after something bad happens to Lei Xin Yu. It is refreshing to see someone so wicked and clearly enjoying it.


Tang Qianni (Hong Angel) is engaged to Zhao Yi Ting. Yes, she is another spoiled rich girl who has gotten everything she has wanted.

Zhao Yi Ting; “I told you before that you won’t be happy being engaged to me.”
Tang Qianni; “And I also told you that if I want you, I will get you.”

She has hated Lei Xin Yu since they were in school together because she always took what she wanted. She hates her blinking and staring as much as I do, which in turn makes me unable to completely dislike her.


So what is my conclusion about this drama?

I’m on the fence. I can’t really decide whether I like this or whether I’ll just drop this and remind myself that this is why I don’t watch Taiwanese dramas (the only exceptions being Bromance and Mars)…

There are good points but right now for me there are more things that don’t work. If Lei Xin Yu changes maybe this will work…


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