An Inaccurate Memoir / Eastern Bandits


The 20th century China is controlled by the Japanese. During that time the Fang gang kidnaps and robs the rich. One day they kidnap a man who has a secret plan.


The Fang gang is like a family. They take care of each other no matter how many bullets may fly. Their handsome leader Fang (Huang Xiao Ming), his sister Jen (Zhang Xin Yi) and Gao (Zhang Yi), our mystery man, stole the show.

The plot is not complete clear before the end but that did not hinder the movie. The gang and their ventures were enough to make this movie great. The ladies are just as cruel and blood thirsty as the men. They don’t show mercy but the gang is smart in their actions and manage to remain free because of their wit.


The movie also had unexpected humor. It has the most hilarious hostage negotiation situation I have ever seen.


An Inaccurate Memoir doesn’t go deep into its characters nor does it have a one of a kind plot, but the movie still manages to impress with its acting and action.


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