Liang Ruo Qing develops a love phobia after being cheated on and lied to by her lover. For years she vows to never to love again, until she meets Lu Zhe Han, a handsome doctor who doesn’t seem to have any faults. She starts a mission to reveal his bad side to everyone -she just has to find it first.

Although Lovesick doesn’t offer anything new story wise (a girl doesn’t believe in love but then realizes that she is loved by someone who is perfect. Cue the airport scene!) and it offered us the cheesiest and clichéd lines I have ever seen, Lovesick had some good points. It did offer some good laughs and it starred Chen Bo Lin and Ariel Lin. They’re both amazing actors and helped this film immensely.


Here’s a pic of Chen Bo Lin for you.

I have to say that Lu Zhe Han was a cute and fun character!! Nothing can faze this man; he leads a meeting in his underwear, gets punched, gives up years of his work and more while still staying funny.

In the end Lovesick was a predictable, yet sweet and a somewhat romantic movie. That’s as clear as I can be. The movie had its bad moments but it also had its cute moments. I don’t regret watching this, but I know I won’t ever watch it again either.


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